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Comment Nostalgia sucks (Score 1) 449

It doesn't matter if you are talking about computers or your old grandma's food, nostalgia just sucks. The feeling that you had fun, were younger and felt brighter than most of your colleagues is messing with your judgement. Computer can be fun if you don't try to mimic what you used to do 30 years ago, it's a brave new world, dude.

Submission + - Is Twitter making money?

Cuban Devil writes: After all the hype Facebook's IPO did not deliver what was expected. It made me think about a Twitter IPO, what would be the results? Better question: what really is Twitter's business model? How do they make money with pure and short text messages?
Star Wars Prequels

Submission + - Best Star Wars episode to begin 2

Cuban Devil writes: My 6 years old kid is asking to watch Star Wars. He's seen the characters, played some games and is now interested in the story. Which movie would you chose to begin, Episode IV or Episode I?
Episode I makes sense chronologically, but I am afraid these crappy new movies would make him hate Start Wars. On the other hand, beginning from the middle of the story may cause some confusion. Maybe I should never tell him about Episodes I to III...

Submission + - Worst computer episode in a movie?

Cuban Devil writes: Yesterday I rented a blu-ray movie and put myself to watch The Social Network. No comments about the story, but Zuckerberg's narrated performance on hacking Harvard servers made me wonder which was the worst computer action performance I had ever seen on a screen. I leave here my vote: worst episode was when I had to see Mr. Goldblum upload a virus, using a Mac, in a time it did not connect even to an ethernet network, and compromising the entire Alien fleet. Is anybody capable of remembering something below that?

Submission + - What happened to Google Wave?

Cuban Devil writes: What happened to Google Wave? My account has a bunch of tests and cranky answers, nothing like real conversations. Is anybody using in a daily basis? There were a lot of noise at the time of launching, but I never heard a word about Wave again, is Google hiding a big failure?

Submission + - 42% of software in Portugal is 'pirated', says MS (

An anonymous reader writes: According to the leading newspaper in Portugal, Microsoft Portugal's Intellectual Propriety division claimed that over 40% of the software used in Portugal is illegal. The responsible for this department also claimed that there is a direct correlation between software piracy and the competivity rate of countries.

Automatic Google translation.

Submission + - Fuel cells for every family (

Cuban Devil writes: I was about to write to Ask Slashdot asking for opinions about why we still do not have commercial fuel cells in the market yet, the technology is there for a while but never reached the mass market. This week I read two articles — and — about a Silicon Valley startup which is about to deliver a fuel cell unity capable of sustaining an entire house. The product has many more features than traditional fuel cells, like doing the reverse reaction to store hydrogen or the ability to use different fuels as energy source. Besides helping the poor countries around the world, this technology has the power to change the relationship we have with oil, the implications are too many to be in this post. I hope this could be a real answer for my old question.

Submission + - Password management in distributed networks

thetinytoon writes: As many of the readers, I'm one admin in a team running a network of servers, switches and client computers, with each and every system having some username and password to access the administrative interfaces. For obvious reasons, you don't want to have one combination for them all, but for still being productive, you don't want to look up some obscure 16-digit password in a secure container anytime you need to do something. Password generation rules are mostly so obvious, that you could use one password anyways, and most hardware devices don't allow the use of Challenge/Response-algorithms like OPIE. So I'm asking: how do you solve this dilemma in your networks?
Data Storage

Submission + - SPAM: Professional Online Backup

Cuban Devil writes: Spending hours copying data to tapes and storing several cubic meters of sensible, magnetic tapes, never had the looks of a clean solution. And what about needing a file and the tape backup simply can`t be read? OK, you will tell me we should do restore tests, etc. We do, but tapes always have its tricks, or the tape drives and robots. In the last years copying everything to a off site storage is becoming a real solution, the datacenters replicate your data among several servers and locations offering, this way, some sort of security. If one agrees to have the data in the hands of another company, two, or more, it is worth the attractive price. What remains unsolved is a way to centralize and manage the backup routines and schedules, I have seen some solutions but none that completely satisfied me in terms of integration with storage services like S3, scheduling, logs, backup and restore control, deduplication, encrypting. Any good advice from slashdotters?

Submission + - VoIP metrics, network monitoring, and inventory?

Cuban Devil writes: I'm in a process of choosing a tool to monitor my network and devices, analyzing VoIP calls quality, and building an inventory. I need this tool to be flexible enough to create probes, actions and triggers. I've looked at many tools, some are great for one specific task, but I have not found any with reasonable features for these 3 main needs. The closest match so far is Zenoss Core. By the way, I have no restrictions for paid solutions or to buy it as aservice, I just don't want to spend zillions in something like HP Open View and the entire consulting crew Corporations think necessary to deploy a service like that.

Any recommendations, specially from someone in the VoIP market?

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