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Comment Re:Acronym collisions! (Score 1) 134

You're kinda missing the point of theatres. Watching a film as part of a large audience is a better experience (assuming everyone is well behaved) because the collective reaction of an audience to humorous or shocking moments lets you pick out things that you might not notice when watching alone.

Sorry you had such bad experiences in the past, I know I've had them too. It depends on where you live. I watched a movie once in Stockport, UK and the audience was a crowd of teenage idiots who chatted and smoked their way through the movie. I certainly didn't go back to that cinema, but I went to others and had no problem.

Now that I live in Silicon Valley I don't have a lot of trouble with fellow audience members apart from the occasional bit of popcorn crunching at the start of the feature (close your mouth before you start chewing FFS!). I particularly enjoy watching classic films in the old art-deco Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto, where they have the organ coming up out of the floor and the fella playing tunes in between shows. That's an experience you definitely can't reproduce at home!

Comment Government regulation at work (Score 0) 110

Note how the VW emission scandal came to light thanks to US regulators. We often think of the EU being ahead of the game in this sort of thing, but European car emissions testers are private entities that compete for business. This creates an incentive to "cook the books" and give manufacturers an easy time. US regulators, on the other hand, are public entities and have no such incentive to be nice to the auto manufacturers. Hence, a stricter testing regime that uncovered a culture of corner-cutting and cheating that existed in VAG. Mark my words, VW will not be the last Euro manufacturer to have been found screwing with emissions data.

Comment An alternative gig (Score 1) 367

You could always do food delivery. I was out of work for a while and my car is too old and has too few doors to work for Uber. However I signed up with Order Ahead (a competitor of Doordash) and did food delivery. It was enough to pay the bills and quite enjoyable. I brought my laptop with me and did some online courses during downtime, which I still got paid for since they pay an hourly rate plus per-mile delivery fees and tips.

I'd say it'll be a while before food delivery gets completely automated. Some sort of autonomous Segway device or drone might come to the restaurant to pick up the food? It's a longer way off than driverless taxis.

Comment Re: Curse(d) (Score 1) 25

I quit when pandas started roaming Azeroth. What was Bliz even thinking?

But after that I went to a private server to try older expansions and it was a lot of fun at first but the experience became altogether corrosive.

These days I really enjoy Path of Exile, but it would have no use for Curse apart from the wiki for reading content about the game.

Having a company thrive from curating game information frees up game developers to put their time in the game itself and leave the understanding of mechanics to a third party.

This is a double edged sword I think. It would be better for games companies to do it themselves, however the promotion of the game then also gets spearheaded by the third parties to drive their interests further.

Comment Re: Curse(d) (Score 2) 25

If you use a game that has a lot of mods like World of Warcraft, Curse updates your mods when they release new patches and it's a pretty big hassle. However, if you run backdated mods then you can't necessarily configure Curse not to overwrite your old folders. It would have been pretty easy to write an ignore folder feature but Curse refused to bother when I was using it a long time ago.

Other than that, you pay a premium to have a nice forum avatar from what I can tell.

Comment Re:Still an early prototype. (Score 1) 80

We have a lot of rabbits living around our neighborhood that have destroyed many trees and gardens.

They would probably chew this robot and attack the garden daily unless..... I wonder if the company will create a defensive mode for this? Strobe lights and water or air gun could blast animals breaking the perimeter?

Comment Re:Don't believe it (Score 5, Insightful) 156

Garibaldi was awesomely acted by Doyle and he will be missed. RIP. Too young to die at age 60.

Time to binge B5 for my respects. I would love to see a prequel called "B4", mostly because I like puns. Any remake would be able to examine closely the tropes of POV and "anyone can die" as they reimagine the series as a space epic. Game of Thrones in space is something that could potentially get a huge audience and would definitely be welcomed by all.

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