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Journal Journal: Negativity. 5

I know I haven't said a lot around here, mostly I just read the articles. Once in awhile I feel the need to comment though. This place is a great place for discussion and some have even changed my mind with their knowledge, most of which we share from our experiences. Many of you like myself, have a love for technology and science. So why is it that people feel a need to come here and leave posts like "who gives a shit?". Is it because their minds are weak? Or they don't have the base knowledge to understand the impact of the news? We can't delete the post because freedom of speech is extended to everyone. We can't chastise them, it only leads to flame wars. So we inform them, we reply to their post with an informative response, break it down and explain the value. Our other option, ignore the post all together, like a flash in the pan, they show up and are gone again, painless. Unlike a flash in the pan though, they are far from brilliant. I pity the foo that don't love technology.

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