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Submission + - Taxi Journey is trying to kick off its first round of crowdfunding.

CrypticSpawn writes: Taxi Journey is a game inspired by indie adventures Limbo and Machinarium. With it's unique style of art and game play, it is sure to be a hit.

They are looking to be funded for 130,000 dollars. While their strech goal includes Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, PS Vita, PSN and XBLA versions. The fundraising campaign will conclude on October 12. I am dying to play this game.

Comment Funny (Score 1) 496

If I was worth 200 million before we are married. And we are together for 5 years, she gets half of everything. But during the time we are married if I log into her email it is a crime? I would like it all to be fair, what is mine, is mine, and what is hers is hers, and when we get divorced, what is hers is hers and what is mine is mine, and if I log into your email while we are married, it is a crime. Sheesh seems kind of wrong the other way.

Comment iphone isn't secure either (Score 0) 132

a few month ago there was a vulnerability that left your data wide open with or without a pin on the iphone. Or the fake iphone security update that basically takes over your iphone ( If you allow programs that aren't made by the apple or google you will always have this problem. Program A needs access to do this, you give it access, now anything in program A that was put there has that access too. Oh new iphone safari browser hole ( Neither phone is the standard for security, no one is. LOL, now give me a phone running openvms, no it probably wouldn't be any secure, I just want to see someone get it to run on a phone.

Comment Wrong Perspective (Score 1) 483

The article seems to be written from a bias perspective that doesn't note that almost every RT system the military has today was written by the geeks they want to say they don't need. Besides, it is far better from a military perspective to have your soldiers watching your network, than a civilian who has been given military clearance, that hasn't been threw the BW regimen.

Comment Lazy (Score 1) 354

GPL says contribute your changes. Doesn't say one thing about contribute your changes, and make sure they work in the main tree. He himself said they were doing it, until people started complaining about how things were written or what not. So they stopped. I don't blame them one bit. It is kind of like writing a library to be in PEAR, you have a piece of code that works. And and you see people asking for a library and you submit it for a vote, they first don't like that you used the PHP license, they want you to use the BSD license, then they don't like your naming of the methods. Hell, has the people running PEAR, looked at the naming conventions of PHP (addslashes, mysql_connect) I basically said flip that and put it on google code. There are forks all the time in the linux kernel, they usually die out, but wouldn't it be fun if googles kernel was the only one to survive?

Comment Are Macmillian ran by retards? (Score 2) 297

Talk about jumping on a bandwagon before you know where it is going. I guess if I looked at Apples track record and saw everything they have done up to date, I would probably say, it is a good bet it will be a hit. However, they don't even know what type of people will buy the ipad. I was just thinking it would be a cool mini tablet system, depending on what applications it comes already installed on it, but now that I know what the applications are, they are going to have to make a whole lot more for me to spend over 700 dollars for wifi and 3G.

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