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Comment Mysterious rules are worse (Score 5, Insightful) 498

I don't mind too much the simple ones like must have a symbol, one uppercase, and a number and a minimum of x characters. Those are fine because I can click those buttons in Keepass to generate a password with or without those options.

The ones that piss me off are ones that only allow/require a very small set of symbols, so I have to generate it and tweak it.

The other big thing that makes me angry is when their password requirements are hidden. You just have to keep typing in passwords until their validator stops bitching at you. Why are these requirements not up front?!!

Comment Content Creation isn't there (Score 1) 302

People can do regular photo printers because they can make photos. They have documents because they can create documents. There is all sorts of easy-to-use software out there that allows you to make up your own creation very easily without any real skill. To make shit on a 3D printer, first you have to plop down a thousand dollars for a crappy one. Then you have to go make a 3d model, which is way harder than snapping a picture or writing a word document or coming up with a quick flyer. Oh and then you have to spend tons of money on this really expensive powder and other compounds, and oh fuck it I'll just go buy a couple of toys from the store for cheaper. These are niche products.

Comment Re:I was *wondering* who was shooting the Olympics (Score 1) 108

That headline confused the fuck out of me for a while. A pun on the word shooting? Cameras shoot film. Terrorists shoot people. Or drones are shooting people instead of terrorists. Or the drones are the ones responsible for shooting people, and the terrorists did nothing of the sort. Finally I realized that it's saying "Drones are not terrorists. They're filming the olympics."

Comment Oh thank god (Score 3, Interesting) 255

I've been okay with the dash and the side bar look of new ubuntu. It's mostly been the same for me. I switch between different desktops all the time, so I'm not particularly attached to any one or the other as long as it doesn't really impede my workflow. What I hate and still can't get used to is the global menu. I accidentally close out of so many applications because I don't realize I'm actually focused in another window. It annoys the piss out of me, and takes away the concept of the window. The window is it's own little self contained world. Menus for that window should be with that window. I still can't get used to clicking for focus on a window, and then dragging my mouse all the way back up to the top of the screen to get a menu for a window. It really only works well for a full maximized applications.

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