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Submission + - Anti-Tax Software Engineer Flies Plane into Office (

Cruxus writes: A software engineer, Andrew Joseph Stack, age 53, flew an airplane into an office building in Austin, Texas, where some 200 IRS employees worked. He left a long scree railing against taxes, government, and corporate greed. Given how closely his attitude matches those of many right here on Slashdot, where does the community go from here?

Submission + - Finding an Entry-Level Job in the IT Industry

Cruxus writes: "I am a soon-to-be college graduate with a bachelor's in computer science, and I have been looking for a computer programming or related job for some months now. I live in a medium-sized metropolitan area, and although I have found many IT jobs, few are entry level, and I have had only one interview so far. My résumé isn't bad in terms of programming languages known and classroom experience, but I do not have that crucial on-the-job experience every company seems to want.

My current strategy has been to search national and local job sites as well as the websites of local companies and other institutions themselves. This typically results in pages of results, each with an exhaustive list of "requirements" and desired skills. I have found a few entry-level positions in all my searching and applied for them; when I find a job I am a fairly close match for, I still apply. I can't imagine many people would meet all these so-called requirements listed on these job postings anyway.

So, Slashdot, what does a guy do to break into this industry?"

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