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Comment Re:Vodka (Score 1) 770

If Linux could gain Windows binary compatibility, it could overtake Windows.

That's what IBM thought about OS/2 as well. How many people know what OS/2 is (was)?

Comment Re:From My Simpleton Point of View (Score 4, Insightful) 535

The larger the corporation the less results actually matter. What REALLY matters at review time is what people, especially managers other than your own, think you've done. It doesn't matter if you've written 100,000 lines of bug free code if you've been quietly flying under the radar and getting your job done you will be rated lower than the person who speaks up at every meeting, sends emails to everyone in sight but really produces very little. Microsoft is especially bad for this, as you can tell by their products. What counts is how well you market yourself to the team and senior managers, not your results.

Comment Re:Can't say I'm surprised.... (Score 1) 279

It's not too expensive, it's a great piece of software,
Great? Great? Windows 7 is better than Vista, that's it's only claim to fame. It's far from "great".

and the best OS Microsoft has put out yet.
Pure opinion and far from the opinion of most people. XP, while not perfect by a long shot, is still the best OS MS has managed to come up with.

The only reason Win 7 will eventually have a majority share is because Microsoft will stop selling and supporting XP and will only sell Win7. Through simple hardware attrition Win7 will become the most used platform.

Comment They want to spin the news they way THEY want (Score 2, Insightful) 176

'It is a fundamental principle of journalism that we do not give people outside the newspaper the option of deciding whether or not we should publish a story, whether they be advertisers, politicians or just regular readers,'

Of course, they want to spin the news they way THEY want - both by how they report and what they choose to report or not. How could they stand it if people wanted them to report negative stories about Obama and positive stories about Bush?

Comment Re:Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (Score 0) 705

Clearly, if Obama wants the world to take him seriously, he needs to restart the START-II treaty and disassemble his own stockpile before he can expect others to do the same.

It's just another empty, do nothing, campaign speech from Obama. He promises all kinds of things 'that won't be done in one term, or two, or his lifetime'. The only thing he'll get done is to ruin the economy and make his buddies rich.

Comment Re:They are, ghowever (Score 1, Troll) 346

The bridge in question connects one publicly accessible area to another publicly accessible area

"Publicly accessible" is the spin. It's connecting one MS parking lot to another MS parking lot. It's not like it's connecting two public streets.

It's not like the MS drones are going to walk anyway, they'll still use the free MS shuttles they have driving all over the city.

Comment Re:And some of you (Score 1) 650

You just don't understand. It's Ok when government imposes on people, it's not when a company does it. All you have to do is ask a politician, they'll tell you, you just don't understand, leave it all to them...just write another campaign donation check and they'll take care of everything.

Comment Re:Am I missing something? (Score 1) 407

You can choose to believe that Obama is some how different from every other politician in washington if you so choose, but it is pure ignorance to assume that EVERYONE in his administration, from Cabinet members to secretary's for the secretary's secretary are just as noble.

Since it seems half of his cabinet are former Clinton staffers we know at least that many are far from noble. Welcome to "Change".

Comment Re:Oh, Dear (Score 3, Insightful) 532

I'll tell you one thing though. Whatever it is, he's certainly made of different stuff to every other politician in power at the present time.

Doesn't look like it. He's already backpedaling about campaign promises (lies) and talking like Bush. Obama is no different from any other lying, sleazy politician.

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