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Submission + - Tracing the Monsanto Conspiracy (

Crisses writes: "What do Agent Orange, bovine growth hormone, and genetically modified foods have in common? Monsanto. "The World According to Monsanto" is a full-length French documentary traces the historical steps of the Monsanto conspiracy with investigations and interviews that take us through the US, Canada, the U.K., India, Paraguay, and Mexico and leaves us with very little that's safe to eat. One company has a stranglehold on our food supply. Do NOT have popcorn during this movie. Corn isn't safe. Runs about 108 minutes, but it took me 2 hours with pauses to <insert rant here>. They give a convenient download link — since this is likely to disappear, I suggest we use it."

Submission + - Open Source Programmer's Insurance

Crisses writes: "I'm a programmer on multiple open-source web application (php) projects. I make money by selling my services installing FOSS software, making customizations, templating sites, creating custom designs, and building modules for open-source applications under a bounty. While someone's shopping cart system is certainly financially pivotal to their business, I'm not dealing with megacorps, banks & financial industries, with billions of dollars of liability. The majority of my code is available for peer-review. My customers are individuals and small businesses. I have some general liability insurance coverage for my company, but I'd like to hear how independent programmers, sole-proprietor programming businesses, and small programming shops, are handling their insurance needs. If I go for a full coverage policy, I'm going for broke — literally. My insurance agent has been shopping around and looking high & low on my behalf, but the moment "programming" is mentioned, the underwriters run for the hills. I thought slashdotters might know more about this particular topic than the insurance agents. Does anyone know a good (read: inexpensive & comprehensive — forgive the oxymoron) underwriter who insures open source or small-fry programmers? Who is programming without coverage by design or because you can't afford coverage?"

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