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Comment Re:It really isn't sugar, that is just one avenue (Score 1) 655

I believe there is also a "when you eat" component. For a long time, I ate only at night, after work and that was a big meal. No breakfast. Infrequent lunch. I started eating breakfast and noticed that I was hungry around lunch time so I started eating lunch. Dinner sizes decreased as well as my appetite. I have lost nearly 35 pounds.

Comment Re:I hope he realizes he did more harm than good (Score 1) 332

You can make an argument that people living in sufficient poverty to make such a deal favorable is a terrible thing, and I'd agree with that. However, destroying Foxconn's business model by preventing them from selling to western countries does nothing directly to fix these people's poverty; in fact it makes it worse, by reducing the pool of jobs available to them (and not just randomly reducing it; you're taking away some of the best jobs in the pool!).

As a nation of consumers and owner of one of the most stable business environments we have a responsibility to point out where an overseas partner needs to make improvements. It is up to that country and the residents of that country to then respond. We are not responsible for the protection of a nation's people but can choose to make investments in those countries who share our values or are moving toward. I believe that China is doing that but it will take time, the appropriate amount of outside pressure, and most importantly the will of her citizens. We must also act in our best interests; decreasing our quality of life in hopes of raising another's is not going to resonate well in the business culture of the US.

Comment £26 value not necessarily £26 normal p (Score 1) 611

£26 value could simply mean that someone has paid that much for the type of cupcake she is advertising. The Groupon only says:

"Twelve Cupcakes with a Choice of Flavours and Designs for £6.50 from Need a Cake (Value £26)." "Today's deal gets Groupon gourmands twelve individually decorated cupcakes from Need a Cake. Customers can construct their ideal cupcake, choosing from sponge flavour, icing and decoration options."

In the first paragraph, I think the author of the article erroneously concludes that this is the normal price. She might sell her cupcakes at a normal price of £7 and always tell customers they are a £26 value.

Comment Re:vanity (Score 2) 209

So I can't figure out why anybody would wear a wrist watch, unless for fashion. And that makes even less sense.

Because some people do not spend their lives indoors. Have you ever tried to look at your cell phone while riding a bike? But hey, this is slashdot. You might be one of those cell phone holster guys.

Comment Re:Bargain (Score 1) 735

"We've got some problems with our relationship and, if you don't make some changes, you'll be fired."

If someone says that to you, you know why they are saying it. That is a last resort and usually comes after significant attempts at counseling.

Also, I'd have no problem with someone coming to me and say that they are unhappy with some aspect of their work. In fact, my company is well-versed at addressing these issues and will work to come up with a solution. If we cannot solve your problem, then you can deliver your "I'm going to quit line." Yet again, last resort.

Where the fuck do you guys work?

Comment Re:Bargain (Score 1) 735

As an IT manager, I would be pissed if someone came to me with leverage.

Because you want your underlings to have no power at all at the bargaining table, right? You need all the power for yourself. How dare they try to balance that out a bit.

They already have the upper hand before coming to the bargaining table. TFA was about loyalty. Loyalty is injured once your employee starts looking elsewhere. Why threaten your boss with leaving before demonstrating why an out-of-band raise is deserved? Do you go all in on the flop in Texas Hold 'em? After you present your case for a raise and receive an unfavorable response, you can proceed with revealing your job offer. This is the best option for getting what you want without damaging your working relationship.

And for the record, one reason I would be pissed is that my relationship with my "underlings" (as you called them) was not healthy enough that I knew that they were not satisfied. The other is that people generally think for a while before they start interviewing which means that they were likely dissatisfied for some time. You know, not all bosses are scumbags.

Comment Re:Bargain (Score 3, Insightful) 735

Tell your current company about the offer, and see if you get a counter-offer.

Do not do this! This is terrible advice. As an IT manager, I would be pissed if someone came to me with leverage. Being forced to make a decision is not pleasant. I would much rather have the employee come to me with a business case for giving him or her a raise. If I am worth my pay, I know what the resource is worth and will come up with the raise if I can and it is within my budget. Do not accept any stalling tactics as you could lose both opportunities.

One other thing to consider is that managers will reduce cost if pressured to do so. If you are expensive and seen as replaceable with minimum impact, you will be replaced. It is rare that loyalty (reverse to what you discussed) is given in that situation.

Comment Re:Not an issue. (Score 1) 511

Jim would beat the fsck out of Solo with both hands tied behind his back.

That would depend on the director. If Abrams directs, Jim would easily kill Solo. Same goes for Solo in a Lucas film. However, Lucas would release an updated version years later where Greedo blasts Kirk from somewhere else in the bar.

Comment Re:Not limited to IT (Score 1) 283

The only way to succeed in the game of IT is not to play.

Thanks for the detailed summary of what it feels like to be in middle management. However, I think you win by learning to architect outsourcing contracts. These are not going away anytime soon. In addition, corporate officers and directors prefer to deal with people that resemble and sound like themselves. For the time being, there is some job security there.

Find something fulfilling, instead.

That's what I thought I was doing by joining an industry that once rewarded my creativity and coding skills. Somehow the latter is now equivalent with being a field-hand.

Comment Re:Oh the Drivel You Will Spew (Score 1) 275

she put online herself and only she can be blamed for them coming back to bite her

I think it is interesting that the conversation turns to putting fault on the victim for not protecting his or herself rather than the turn that society has taken where nothing is off limits. Look no further than the competitive-strategy choice of reputation destruction over demonstration of competency. In an ideal world we wouldn't reward this behavior with our attention.

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