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Comment No more database download (Score 1) 93

Just a quick note on the way the WS install would handle the database download failures. There is a possibility that the downloads would stop. Short of a manual download and implementation, this could prove effective in disabling the filtering in a matter of weeks. Websense filtering stops to function as designed when the database becomes 'stale', or is older than 2 weeks. At that point, the logs continue to function, as they would normally, but the filtering halts. If Websense does indeed revoke the license making the downloads not work, then there is a strong possibility that the filtering will altogether stop functioning in a matter of days allowing all access.

Comment Agreed... this is to control it more! (Score 1) 338

I've seen some of the comments specifying that this is to allow Apple to charge more for additional chargers in the case one were lost... but I say, that's not the only case! This is also another form for DRM, when connecting the iPod to another "unauthorized system" it seems that it will lock it down. Who's to say the user wasn't just trying to use the external HDD feature of the iPod? Also, I personally have various systems. More than 5, does this mean that I am limiting myself to only using certain of my computers with my own iPod? Sync'ing the iPod limits the use with certain computers because you only can update it through whatever library you had on your system. Manually managing music would get passed this, but this would still limit the functionality... how will the iPod be able to determine which systems are considered to be "authorized"? Would it mean that only one iPod can be used on a given machine? What does this mean for owners of multiple iPods? This is a bad idea and should not be implemented... and if it does: DON'T UPGRADE YOUR FIRMWARE!

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