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Comment Its a Lark (Score 1) 354

I am starting to think that all these articles about how worried the U.S. entities are soooo worried about data encryption being turned on by default, are just meant to lull the general public into thinking that they are safe from the NSA spying programs once again. In truth, encryption is just a minor bump in the road for them.

Comment Re:Long term support (Score 1) 766

No offense to anyone, but I feel that Ubuntu is killing Linux. Its still linux, but they are making it way to easy for the average joe to use it. It is because of this that there are becoming more and more security issues with linux. The same goes with Android. BTW, i do use linux....and love it, i just try and stay away from anything Ubuntu related.

Comment Re:Uh, unless you're a programmer... (Score 1) 766

thats all you can come up with as a reply? its obvious that you choose windows because its mainstream and your too stupid and lazy to try out other alternatives and make them work for you. So how about this. come up with a viable argument, then see if you can make me eat less garbage. p.s. Its FRUIT LOOPS.

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