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Comment Re:Thanks to (Score 3, Interesting) 328

On the other hand, I could post stuff as AC that might get me in legal trouble if they traced it to me, say by posting information about illegal government surveillance (ala Snowden). I have done this myself, but not for anything as serious as that (a possible NDA violation having no ramifications on anyone at this time since the product was released years ago and already shelved, but the the NDA was technically perpetual).

Comment Re: Unfettered capitalism (Score 1) 637

Actually, that need further refinement - socialism is only state ownership in the communist form of government. Socialism as its own doctrine refers to the economic system where the workers own the factory and not a factory owner (the proletariat owning vs the bourgeoisie owning in Marxist theory). In Marx's version of communism (which is good enough for this argument), the socialist workers give excess production to the state for distribution and eliminate money. This means socialism inextricable from communism but communism is not inextricable from socialism. Put another way, a raven is a bird, but not all birds are ravens.

Comment Re:Unfettered capitalism (Score 2) 637

You're referring to anarchy the state (as in no government), not anarchy as a form of government focusing on the economic system. There are actually anarchy forms of government such as anarcho-syndicalism, individualist anarchism, and platformism. Anarchism in this sense refers to the government, but the economic system runs by other rules. Think of it this way - if you and your neighbors all agree to where each one lives and what laws to live by and even who polices those laws, do you need a government? The people are the government. It is really extreme Libertarianism. A true democracy could run in an anarchic state. Furthermore, a true "individualist anarchy" may not give a shit if you shoot your neighbor, but a platformist would, so anarchy in this sense does not necessarily mean society without any rules.

  I like to use the Monty Python and the Holy Grail example of the "anarcho-syndicalist commune." That one has the workers organized into syndicates (unions, basically) by industry and the "government" exists to ensure private ownership of land. They reject the "worker-state" (government-economic) idea of communism, saying that tying those two together leads to corruption (and frankly, I agree with them on that point). Put another way, if the farm syndicate ruled the government, would not the farm syndicate try to make everything as favorable to farmers as possible? They would be fools not to, but in doing so prove that power corrupts.

Comment Re: The Taste must have been fired also (Score 2) 474

Seems endemic. Right after 9/11 my US company did exactly the same thing - fire half the workforce and gave upper management massive bonuses and raises. They then hired massive amounts of replacement workers in India with no idea what the fired people actually did. That anchor actually dragged down the ship as far as the main business went, but they managed to spin us off so their stock wouldn't go junk so my division actually survived and rehired some of the critical engineers those idiots fired. The same events probably would have played out in the 2008 recession if a German company hadn't snapped us up in 2007.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 165

Yeah, the Espionage Act of 1917 pretty much says that accessing classified data that you are not supposed to have is espionage, even if you are an ally. Kind of funny that sharing a password violates the CFAA, which used the Espionage Act as a template, and accessing that data likely violates the Espionage Act itself (for sure if any of it is classified).

Comment Re:Authorization from who? (Score 1) 165

Did you ask for permission to visit Slashdot? I posit that you don't have authorization to be here, and since Slashdot is owned by a for profit company (BIZX media) and since you are using a false identity (an alias), I accuse you of committing wire fraud under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

I'm not trying to get you indicted (I'm committing the same crime), just saying the CFAA is a terribly written law that used another terrible law as a template (the Espionage Act of 1917). The Authorization section was specifically included to protect ATMs at a time when networking was alien to congresspeople. I think WarGames the movie terrified them into action and they took one of the countries most loosely worded laws and applied it to computing..

Comment Re: tl;dr (Score 1) 209

A doctor cutting off pain medicine is actually why someone I know died of a heroin overdose. He'd been prescribed opioid pain medicine after a severe car accident and when over the counter drugs didn't cut it, turned to the illegal stuff. His wife found him unresponsive and the first responder didn't have Narcan or anything similar,and by the time an ambulance arrived it was too late, so she now runs a charity to provide narcotics overdose medicine to first responders.

Comment Re:TMobile.... (Score 1) 145

Free calls in Mexico is the primary reason my wife switched us to T-Mobile, but that said, T-Mobile has zero coverage in rural Nebraska and South Dakota,which is where I was over the weekend. Zero bars for the lot of it, whereas Verizon at least had some coverage. In the past my brother (who flip-flops carriers all the time) used to get analog service, but on modern phones, it literally is Verizon or nothing.

Comment Re:Why do we have to initiate contact? (Score 1) 159

The assumption also is that they didn't do this, say 2 1/2 million years ago and gave up 5 years later. A lot of factors led to intelligent life on earth and expecting it all to happen at the exact same time somewhere else is ridiculous. I expect when we do find life on other planets, we'll find a lot more dumb life before we find intelligent life.

Comment Re:I can't wait for Bush to be out of office! (Score 1) 224

And will vindicate their choice by saying they had to do it because the other party winning because they supported a third is an even worse option. Too bad we don't have RCV; I will always vote for a third party first, but see Hillary as a slightly lesser evil to Donald based on racism and misogyny/

As far as ignorant stupidity goes, they both win. We've heard tons about Trump, but Hillary saying "People Under FBI Investigation Should Lose Constitutional Rights." Um, Hillary, innocent until proven guilty? Or how about how you propose to do that? Reveal everyone's FBI record and skip having a FOIA request to get that? That sounds rather invasive - why not put cameras in everybody's home like Seattle is doing and hide it from the public (I'm kidding, but that sounds like a wonderful Big Brother scenario, right, because why the fuck not?).

Comment Re:Can change the battery and load custom roms unl (Score 1) 138

In my experience, Apple's devices hold a charge longer and use battery more frugally than Android. Leaving them idle is absolutely no contest - my Nexus 7 is dead in a week, my iPad mini still has power after a month (though we're talking 10% - my iPad 2 is still in the 40-50% when idle for a month). My usage of these devices tends to be in spurts as I jump between supporting different projects and platforms, so they may be idle a month or two and then be in extremely heavy use for a month or two.

Comment Re:All of the shitty code out there. (Score 1) 515

Hmm... that seems strange... p (or t) in the updated version seems to take all cases, so would return before it ever got to the final return function. That or I just don't know javascript that well (I've read and done a few examples, but not seriously studied it, so I'm going by C-like behavior). Isn't having a = redundant as far as the = goes, as well?

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