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Comment Re:Nice picture of a LaserJet... (Score 1) 134

I still run a LaserJet4+ and have a spare in the basement. Toner is dirt cheap, and it still prints great. Mine has the duplexer on it too. Got the whole unit at a state surplus auction for $30, full of toner, and it has the large capacity paper tray too, and a JetDirect card! Then when I wanted color, I got a Tektronics 740 color laser networked printer at a university auction for $ great from the multi purpose tray...normal tray doesn't work. A few months later, I got a full set of toner and other consumables for it for $40. That will probably last me the next 10 years, and I don't have to worry about the ink drying out. For copies, I have a ScanJet 5p on SCSI.

Comment I'm glad I did (Score 1) 783

February of 2009, I left the IT industry in the gambling sector, and became a Maintenance Mechanic at a grain mill in the small town I live in. I got a $4 an hour raise, and cut my commute costs by about $100 a month, and lost 15 pounds by riding my bicycle to work. I now make the most per hour that I ever have. It's still owned by an evil corporation, but at least the local surpervisors seem decent. I still get my IT fix, by keeping my household up and running, as well as doing computer work on the side. The mill also has me do internal computer work, and they pay me a premium whenever I do it. Their actual IT guy is several hours away. 6 months after I started, I became an Electrical Trainee, with another pay raise. Worked out great for me!

Comment If you make it to Nebraska (Score 1) 435

While I very much enjoyed the MIT museum while hunnymooning in Boston, we live in Nebraska, and I can recommend a few places here... Pioneer Village in Minden Stuhr Museum in Grand Island Of course there is the S.A.C. museum near Omaha Elephant hall in Lincoln And the Omaha Zoo There is also a local history Museum in Gohner, which has a miniture live steam train that you can ride on weekends

Obama Transition Team Examining Space Solar Power 275

DynaSoar writes "President-elect Obama's transition team has published for public comment a white paper entitled Space Solar Power (SSP) — A Solution for Energy Independence & Climate Change. The paper was prepared and submitted by the Space Frontier Foundation and other citizen space advocates, and calls for the new Administration to make development of Space Solar Power a national priority. The SSP white paper was among the first ten released by the Obama transition team. It is the first and only space-related white paper released by the team to date. With 145 comments thus far, it is already among the top five most-discussed of the 20-some white papers on"

Submission + - Microsoft's Word-format is coming to an end (

The Open Sourcerer writes: "From the Norwegian Government:

* Everyone should have equal access to public information: Open standards become compulsory within the government
* The government has decided that all information on governmental websites should be available in the open formats HTML, PDF or ODF. With this decision the times when public documents where only available in Microsoft's Word-format is coming to an end.
* Everybody should have equal access to public information. From 2009 the citizens will be able to chose which software to use in order to gain access to public information. The government's decision will also improve the competition between suppliers of office applications, says IT-minister Heidi Grande Røys. This is the decision of the government:"

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