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The Internet

Submission + - Why are websites still forcing people to use IE?

DragonTHC writes: "I just visited movielink's website for research. Their site has a nice message saying, "Sorry, but in order to enjoy the Movielink service you must use Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher) or Mozilla/Firefox with an IE Tab Extension (IE installation required)." While allowing the IETab firefox extension is somewhat progressive, why do companies still force people to use Internet Explorer? Surely the site should work just fine in Firefox? With steady gains in market share by firefox, you would think that webmasters would get the hint. How about any /. users who are webmasters, what are your reasons for forcing IE?"
NES (Games)

Submission + - Which NES Clone?

NiK0laI writes: Hello everybody, my girlfriend recently pulled my old NES out of the closet to play some games from my vast collection. I had replaced the ZIF connector on it a couple years ago and it was working fine, however I haven't touched it in a over a year. She plugged it in and it no longer works. My question to everybody is: Does anybody have any experience with using one of the clones on Ebay? If so which one is the best? Thanks, your help is appreciated!

Submission + - Define: /etc

ogar572 writes: There has been an ongoing and heated debate around the office concerning the definition of what /etc means on *nix operating systems. One side says "et cetera" per Wikipedia. Another side says it means "extended tool chest" per this gnome mailing list entry or per this Norwegian article. Yet another side says neither, but he doesn't remember exactly what he heard in the past. All he remembers is that he was flamed when he called it "et cetera", but that "extended tool chest" didn't sound right either. So, what does it really mean?

Submission + - Complexity of Sendmail or Postfix Email server

kennova writes: "I have a question for Slashdot users. I have been using the eXtremail email server for many years now. It has been actively developed for a couple of years. This prompted a thought to change to something more mainstream.

However, the complexity of Sendmail or Postfix is so daunting, and non-sensical that I have attempted a few times without success. Is there a simple email server that a home user can use, that supports Smarthosting, domain catch-all addresses, and adding users and multiple domains without setting up so much overhead that if you lose it, you pretty much have to start all over.

I don't care about Spam filters, or web-mail, or all that other garbage, GMail does that for me. The infrastructure of these large email systems is too much for a simple home user who wants to enable the power of the web to his/her advantage. eXtremail did it, but no one else has been able to."
The Internet

Submission + - eBay feedback trap ?

demiurg writes: As some user frustrated eBay powersellers I'm considering to move to another auction. Starting everything from scratch is not a very appealing option, so I would like to take my heard-earned feedback with me to a new auction site. There are a few web sites offering feedback "transfer", but it is unclear to me whether this whole idea is legal. eBay claims that eBay feedback can be used on eBay only. Is that so ?

Submission + - BMI madness

Dishwasha writes: I have several customers that have recently received a notice from the Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) that they were in violation of the music rights which BMI owns. They were sited that they had "Music on Hold; TVs in Public Waiting Rooms, in Therapy Sessions, In Fitness Centers, in Operating Rooms, and in Patient Rooms." Apparently none of these applied except for having a TV in waiting rooms and patient rooms. BMI is demanding my customers to sign an agreement for a "Health Care Multiple Use License". More recently one of my customers is a hospital in a town consisting of a population of less than 800 and they have been directly invoiced by the BMI for the use of TVs in public waiting areas.

Is there any legal advice, articles, or documentation the community can offer me that I can share with my customers? Does BMI hold any legal right to claim fees on publicly broadcasted material that is receiving royalties through advertisement that is not being charged by the accused to their customers nor directly generating any revenue or profit, but is simply accessed via a common device used to gain access to public services (i.e. Broadcasted Television) and not being duplicated in any illegal fashion?
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun joins the Free Software Foundation

Cheeto writes: Sun Microsystems has joined the FSF! Arstechnica is reporting that Sun has joined the corporate patron program, and will be in the same club as other giants such as IBM, Intel, and Google. With Sun releasing Java under the GPL, and the possibility of releasing OpenSolaris under the GPLv3 — do we see Sun now holding the flag of free software instead of Redhat and IBM?
The Courts

Submission + - I violated copyright law. Now what?

An anonymous reader writes: I am US-based and have recently been doing part-time subcontracting work for a friend in the UK who runs her own small marketing firm. She sells a complete branding/identity plan and if that includes a web site refresh, she calls me. The clients do not know who or where I am, or even that the work is being subbed. Like many designers, I often use Corbis and other photo merchants to mock up layouts for review. It is legal to download images ("comps") from Corbis to use offline for the this purpose. If the client likes the design/images, I get a quote from the photo vendor and the client has the option to purchase. If the price is too high, which it often is with Corbis, I turn to less expensive or free alternatives.

One of her clients, for whom I recently designed a site, just received a $25,000 invoice from a law firm in London representing Corbis, who claimed their content was on the client's site. The client of course was frantic when they received the bill and called my marketing friend, who called me. I investigated and sure enough, there were images on the site that were rightfully the property of Corbis, which I put there. In this instance I neglected to swap out the comps with legal images I purchased for the client from another online source before I made the site live. As a designer I respect content rights and did not, would not, maliciuosly steal images. The client and my friend had no idea.

I moved quickly to correct the situation — scrubbed the site and looked through other clients' sites to make sure nothing else had gotten through. I called Corbis and told their legal department what happened and they told me I would have to deal with the law firm, who handles "all our overseas affairs." I then sent a certified letter to the law firm telling them what happened in an attempt to exonerate the client, and by default, my friend. That was today.

I quoted the images in question on the Corbis site and the total would have been about $800. I did my due-googling and in the spectrum of copyright infringement, I want to believe I'm closer to the speeder than I am the serial-killer. Other photo houses (Getty) send out cease and desist letter and it's done. There is mention of similar situations on some forums, especially in the UK, but I can't seem to find any precedent as to what my fate might be. Does anyone have any idea? I made about $1,000 for the site about a year ago, and as much as it would pain me, would be willing to give that up to make this go away. But something tells me this is going to get ugly.
The Internet

Submission + - We did domain registrars, now how about hosting?

wwphx writes: As a result of the GoDaddy nastiness and our domain registrar bash, I created my newest domain at NearlyFreeSpeech.net. My annual contract is coming up with my current hosting service, and I just found out that they may be going out of business, so I need a new host. I'm looking for a linux-based host that offers cPanel, PHP, MySQL, the Fantastico suite, 10 gig of transfer (I rarely use more than 1) and 500 meg of storage for a reasonable price (OK, cheap price: $5 a month or less). I'm running four or five domains now and near future. I've looked for hosting comparisons that run down the features, but what I've found isn't really useful or adequate. I'm also wanting a host that "does no evil". Any suggestions?

Submission + - Yahoo email down - Problem to affect all users

Anonymous Coward writes: "Yahoo email was down all day today morning. I went to yahoo's homepage to see if there was any indication of their recognition of this, but there was none. I was able to login into yahoo messenger and everything else. the Yahoo answers / problems with service section is full of people asking questions. Apparently Yahoo decided to play it non-chalantly when a user called. He was "told" that all yahoo users would have this problem. See here for more. http://answers.yahoo.com/dir/;_ylt=Av2Jnc2XngC1uDp 2JRmqHiX89xd.?link=list&sid=396546412"
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Video Games Improve Surgical Skills

denmarkw00t writes: "From this CNN article: "There was a strong correlation between video game skills and a surgeon's capabilities performing laparoscopic surgery in the study published in the February issue of Archives of Surgery. Out of 33 surgeons...that participated in the study, the nine doctors who had at some point played video games at least three hours per week made 37 percent fewer errors, performed 27 percent faster, and scored 42 percent better in the test of surgical skills than the 15 surgeons who had never played video games before."

And I haven't even gotten my copy of Trauma Center for the Wii yet"

Submission + - Asking the UN to Stop an Asteroid

Dr. Eggman writes: On April 13th, 2036, an asteroid named Apophis will come close enough to the Earth that scientists predict a 1 in 45,000 chance of a direct hit. The New Zealand Herald reports that the Association of Space Explorers is gathering to draft a resolution to address the threat which they hope to present to the UN in 2009. The suggested method of dealing with offending asteroids would be to delpoy "gravity-tractor" spacecraft.
United States

Submission + - Best Money Management Software?

An anonymous reader writes: I want to start managine my personal finances on my computer. What's the best software program to use? I hear good things about Quicken and Microsoft Money, but are any of those open source financial programs any good? (JCash, GNUcash, Grisbi, etc.)

Submission + - Registerfly - do you know where your domain is?

hookmeister writes: "If you registered your domain at Registerfly.com, then you should know it may be locked, and you are at the moment unable to access it through registerfly.com's website. The story as a video. You may even have an un-renewable situation where your domain expires into a status known as redemption through no fault of your own. By all accounts there are just under 2 million domains at risk here, ENOM dumped them as a reseller, Its a Mess... Once clue is that thier SSL cert expired.

Fortunately there is some good news. The Principals in this are trying to restore order. A website www.Registerflies.com (originally crafted as a gripe-zone and forum for regsiterfly users) has gotten inside the ranks of the Regsiterfly management shakeup, made some friends and connections and is creating a back-door problem reporting form that goes directly to those that can correct a domain problem. (The RegisterFly support ticketing system is clogged with thousands of Un-answered complaints.) Go HERE and get at the top of the list, or follow it as the situation evolves."

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