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Invisibility Cloak Created In 3-D 113

An anonymous reader writes "Scientists have created the first device to render an object invisible in three dimensions. The 'cloak,' described in the journal Science (abstract; full text requires login), hid an object from detection using light of wavelengths close to those that are visible to humans. Previous devices have been able to hide objects from light travelling in only one direction; viewed from any other angle, the object would remain visible. This is a very early but significant step towards a true invisibility cloak." The "object" hidden in this work was a bump one micrometer high. The light used was just longer than the wavelengths our eyes detect. To get a visible-light cloak, the features of the cloaking metamaterial would need to be reduced in size from 300 nm to 10 nm.

New Call of Duty Titles Announced, Fired Devs Sue For Name 134

eldavojohn writes "Activision has announced new Call of Duty titles while fired Infinity Ward Developer leads Jason West and Vince Zampella sue them for the rights to the name. According to Activision, 'The company intends to expand the Call of Duty brand with the same focus seen in its Blizzard Entertainment business unit. This will include a focus on high-margin digital online content and further[ing] the brand as the leading action entertainment franchise in new geographies, new genres and with new digital business models.' Ars opines that Activision is set to over-saturate the market with tons of CoD titles similar to how it expertly brought down Guitar Hero."

Comment Equillibrium (Score 1) 480

This whole discussion, topic, and argument remind me of Equillibrium. UO was fantastic because it offered (aside from bugs) a read world experience in a fantasy world. There were very high highs, and very low lows. WoW has eliminated that. You win in BG, you get points, you lose in BG, you get less points. In UO, you had times that you were a champion that defeated the evil players, everyone standing around cheering because you were still alive to do so, AND you had their gear in your bags. Then you got the hell out of there before they massed a larger group and returned. Because otherwise you met with those low times, standing around dead, lamenting that you would never get back any of the things you watched the ravenous PK's pull off of your body.

So yeah, I loved UO. Because I got real emotion from playing it. WoW is so stripped of highs and lows, that it really doesn't matter.. like in Equillibrium. You can't take away the extreme sadness without removing the potential for great joy. And stomping a pk or two that made your life miserable early on was truly rewarding.


Aussie Attorney General Says Gamers Are Scarier Than Biker Gangs 409

Sasayaki writes "South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson claims, in an interview with Good Game, that gamers were more of a threat to his family than biker gangs. This is the man who has been the biggest opponent to Australia receiving an R18+ rating for video games and who has the power to veto any such law introducing it."
Role Playing (Games)

Genre Wars — the Downside of the RPG Takeover 248

Phaethon360 writes "From Bioshock and Modern Warfare 2 to even Team Fortress 2, RPG elements are creeping into game genres that we never imagined they would. This change for the most part has managed to subtly improve upon genres that needed new life, but there's a cost that hasn't been tallied by the majority of game developers. 'The simple act of removing mod tools, along with the much discussed dedicated server issue, has made [MW2] a bit of a joke among competitive players. Gone are the days of "promod," and the only option you have is to play it their way. If Infinity Ward are so insistent on improving the variety of our experiences, they don’t have to do it at the expense of the experience that many of us already love. It really is that simple. If they don’t want to provide a good "back to basics experience," they could at least continue to provide the tools that allow us to do that for ourselves.'"

Comment It's all just posturing. (Score 1) 583

Fact of the matter is, OS's should be Malware free. But also, copy protected software shouldn't be crackable. Encoded movies shouldn't be copyable. Married women shouldn't be ****able. Banks shouldn't be robbable.

Anytime somebody wants bad enough to accomplish something, they will. The real thing protecting Apple and Linux... lack of market share. The pros don't target bums for the big heist. If you you are going to put effort into something, you do it for the returns, and writing a devastating linux/mac malware (when linux varieties are far less standardized than MS OS's, and mac has 80%+ less market share) just isn't going to get you the attention/money etc. that tampering with the market share leader will accomplish.

Input Devices

Submission + - Vertical Mouse Aims to Hit the Mainstream

ThinSkin writes: "People normally rule out ergonomic mice because these mice are just plain kooky, or their features don't extend beyond two buttons and a scroll wheel. The VerticalMouse 3 is doing everything it can do to break into mainstream use by offering a very familiar shape that resembles an ordinary mouse turned 90 degrees, while also providing five buttons and four one-the-fly dpi modes (up to 2600 dpi). ExtremeTech's review of the VerticalMouse 3 cites very positive experiences with the mouse, although warns users that it slightly errs from a true, 90 degree handshake position."

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