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Comment Re:I'd leave my wifi open (Score 1) 248

They don't need to break into your computer if you leave it unsecured, everything you are transmitting via wifi is open. Unless you never use wifi, I'd shoot for a dual band router if you are trying to help random people and leave some quality of service on that connection while you're at it. If they need internet so badly at that point they can always knock on your door and ask nicely.

Comment Did they even care in the first place? (Score 5, Insightful) 295

I'd not be surprised if you planted a bunch of questions that are obscure to the every man and he changed his opinion when influenced. It also depends on how many questions they asked that were relatively new to the participant, they might get a bit overwhelmed with picking their answers. Especially if it is a topic like Net Neutrality to Joe Sixpack.

Comment Microsoft is the bad guy, how exactly? (Score 1) 301

"FSF has submitted a correction to Microsoft and they are now waiting for a response."

So there was a problem with their website that caused it to be blocked automatically by their web filtering software, how is this news? Why is everyone so paranoid and not even waiting for Microsoft to reply or give them an exception? Even if they don't allow it, maybe they would rather their employees donated in their own free time and not on their network?

Comment Why would I want an article then? (Score 1) 101

I don't know about anyone else, but if I read an article It's because I want a unique input or take on data already given. If there is going to be some robot just writing a bland article about information already presented, can't they just give me the straight information and be done with it? There will not be any good takes on an event when it is programmed at this stage in time.

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