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Comment Re:Motherboard design issue. (Score 1) 133

Brick = break; make unusable even when a working operating system is then installed on it. Incompatible = usually a driver problem (unless it won't run on all motherboards) defective OS = the OS won't run even though the drivers work fine.

If an OS can "break" the hardware, then your hardware is defective or badly designed. I like linux, but whenever it came to bleeding edge hardware there was always something that did not work.... which is why my desktop/laptop operating system runs "OS X" (though I have Fedora Linux installed in a VM for a copy of Oracle RDMS). I am and will be continue to be interested in having Linux (multiple distributions) a reasonable option, and Ubuntu generally gets points for being a relatively friendly distribution (Fedora is sort of bleeding edge).

Comment Spin: Misrepresentation of what is really happenin (Score 1) 337

As far as I can tell what they are saying is that during the transition period to new technologies there will be a situation where new technologies will not improve and will fall back a little in the area of performance.... which is to be expected. As that new technology improves it will again march reverse and performance will improve. In other words - if power consumption is important to you you will make the leap to the new technology first. If performance is important you will stay with existing technology in the interim. Performance improvements for existing technology is reaching its max, so there will be a stall or slowing down of improvements. That of course was not as interesting so they just spun it to get more readership.

Comment Just click-bait... listed as Facebook as a winner. (Score 1) 428

I read the report and it gave examples of places that are beating out Apple for talent - Google and Facebook. I can understand Google being competitive but Facebook? I remember reading many times how Facebook was not a place to work if you wanted a challenging and interesting work experience... Sorry, but I don't believe Facebook has better tech challenges than Apple.

Comment Re:can they try that in court? make the defender p (Score 1) 186

That is different, the defender's legal team would get access to unredacted footage....

All material has to be handed over to the defense team so -- no there would be no cost.

The TV station is just doing a fishing exercise if they are asking for 190 hours of footage and I don't see why the public should be on the hook to make sure that no-ones privacy is being violated. You have to have someone (possibly more than one person)actually watch 190 hours - select out outtakes that should not be released and then go through some sort of official review before the redacted footage is release. It is no small task.

Comment Re:Or from Apple's perspective, mission accomplish (Score 1) 138

I use Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client (Version 3.1.06073 - Copyright 2004 - 2014) and it works with El Capitan..... Based on the copyright not being updated, I don't think this is the latest version either..... and it works fine.... so El Capitan does not "break" all VPN clients....

Comment Re:lesson learned (Score 1) 138

El Cap graphics performance improvements are limited to fairly recent computers (Mac Pro 2013 only, though some other lines will be supported for a generation or two back).

I have a Mac Pro 2008 with two "upgraded" graphics cards from ATI HD 5770s x 2 (from I think the Mac Pro 2012 line) and they are not supported by Metal.... and I don't plan on replacing the cards again.

Claiming that the new OS is much better performance to someone running Mountain Lion or Snow Leopard is disingenuous since the hardware that they are running are unlikely to see much "performance" benefit from the newer version of the operating system.

Comment Re:Outlook (Score 2) 138

I used the latest Outlook while it was in beta earlier this year - and to be quite honest.... I preferred it over the Windows Outlook. I find the Windows Outlook to be just insane with the number of buttons, and the placement of them is not always logical. I have no idea why they put the send button to the left of the to/cc addresses, other than they might have had a spot there.... most western eyes naturally flow left to right, top to bottom, then back to the top..... so the send button is the last place you would look for it when your flow has already taken you away from that location (first fill in to/cc/subject then body). There has got to be 30 buttons scattered around the mail all over the place - just full of clutter. After the beta, I decided not to buy (I have 2008 around somewhere - but don't use it anymore - I tend to use Pages/Numbers for personal, and LibreOffice for reading work documents since they are in that format).

Now the built in email client in OS X seems to work fine with the Exchange Server (webmail since I work at home) [a year ago it use to get stuck and not update after a while] -- which makes me happy since I really only want a simple email client. Most Outlook users that I have worked with only tend to use it for email as well -- nothing that the internal OS X email client won't handle.

Comment Re:Not just MS Office (Score 1, Informative) 138

Native Instruments problem sounds like it was their (Native Instruments) drivers....

The fact that it has been in public beta for 3 months and now all of a sudden they realize there might be an issue is just negligence on their part.

For me, the update has been smooth and all 40 applications work fine. The only issue I have had is the configuration for background on 2 of my many monitors keeps going back to default on boot :p

Comment Re:Not just MS Office (Score 1) 138

I have not seen this as a problem. /usr/local/bin is still accessible, why would you modify /bin? Homebrew made changes in /usr/local/bin so I know that is available. Why would you just not put your "changes" in another directory and put it first in your PATH?

It does not require that apps go through the app store, the vast majority of my applications are installed from other sources. The "hardening" that they are doing is similar to selinux etc. where their is fine grained hardening of files you should not need to modify -- because of a number of potential attacks that have been cropping up recently.

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