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Comment Re:How about printing the information on the stick (Score 1) 171

Cute. No, actually, it's not a good starting point at all, regardless of whether the Earth goes boom. This idea is crap. It's a needlessly brittle way of providing first responders with important medical information. Simpler, more reliable ways of doing that already exist, including the whole database aspect of it. The new ideas here are using a QR code and a smartphone with proprietary software to access the database. Reliable operation depends heavily on uninterested third parties.

It's almost like a bunch of people that enjoy making money off of smartphone and social networking technology decided to shoehorn that same thinking into emergency services. [sarcasm]How could you lose when you combine two hot, growing markets like smartphones and healthcare? It's a definite win-win.[/sarcasm]

Comment Re:Just do it (Score 3, Insightful) 197

I would kill to be able to carve out an extra five hours a week for aerobic exercise. However, that would mean giving up either my job, giving up sleep, giving up (at least) one of my hobbies, or never watching another minute of TV for the rest of my life.

Everybody is busy. It's a question of priorities. For you, exercise ranks below all of the things you mention there. For me, it ranks above TV, and it counts as a hobby. I have enough fat relatives to have a good idea of what will happen if I don't stay active, and it isn't pretty.

Comment Re:Not much better than it was before (Score 2) 457

GP could have least done the source blog the courtesy of a link (maybe NSFW). The point being made there is a rebuttal to the claim that 3D "makes the characters and environments more believable".

Oh, BTW, since I personally cannot name characters in just about any movie, does that mean they are all gimmicky crap? Or just that I've watched Empire Strikes Back many times since it came out, including when I was an impressionable kid, and read the LOTR in book form decades before the movie, versus watching Avatar a total of once?

Interesting. Perhaps part of the reason you've watched Empire Strikes Back so many times is that you enjoyed the story? I mean, I don't think we're breaking new ground here if we say that special effects (e.g. explosions, 3D, explosions in 3D) don't make up for flat characters or a weak story.

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