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Comment Re:Queue The Anarchist & Druggie Comments In.. (Score 2) 318

Portugal has had an interesting experience with Decriminalization:

Making drug users into felons is not a net positive for society, but man the prison industry sure benefits!

Comment This reminds me of a Koan... (Score 1) 47

In the days when Sussman was a novice, Minsky once came to him as he sat hacking at the PDP-6.

“What are you doing?”, asked Minsky.

“I am training a randomly wired neural net to play Tic-Tac-Toe” Sussman replied.

“Why is the net wired randomly?”, asked Minsky.

“I do not want it to have any preconceptions of how to play”, Sussman said.

Minsky then shut his eyes.

“Why do you close your eyes?”, Sussman asked his teacher.

“So that the room will be empty.”

At that moment, Sussman was enlightened.

Comment Re:Mommy... (Score 1) 1435

Thats not even all of it. Some of those blocks had a permit holder at every house. Do you really think criminals will go rob those houses, knowing the high likelyhood of facing down a gun barrel? Really, they'll look at the houses that don't have gun permits, and go rob them... What have they got to lose? Those home owners probably aren't armed with a gun.

Comment Re:Post-exhaustion future (Score 1) 326

... the IPv6 design cock-up...

You must realize that IPv6 was an attempt to fix the retarded nature of some IPv4 behavior?

Time-To-Live? Yeah that makes a lot of sense! Although that feature was co-opted to eventually become a "hop-limit" just like is in IPv6 now, but there were some really other dumb things that weren't thought through for IPv4 that were fixed in IPv6 (*cough* QoS).

Also, unrelated to IPv6, TCP and UDP are not the only protocols on the Internet. If all I can pass are TCP and UDP packets, then I do not have an Internet connection, I have a bunch of TCP&UDP connection - very much not the same thing.

Carrier Grade NAT can go translate itself in the corner. If my ISP started shoving this down my throat I would switch ISPs, and if that's not an option because you live in the sticks, then file a complaint and bitch until you get up high in the organization.

Comment Re:Persistent myth? (Score 1) 705

In my line of work, we've got better things to do than defend boxes against incompetent engineers. If you've got a logon to the box, you should be trustworthy enough to know what you're doing.

That never works. Engineers are not SysAdmins, and rarely are they trained well enough to mimic one.

On shared machines, no one gets root (or sudo) unless they are managing that box and are responsible for it. So, everyone gets sudo on their desktop, and only the real Admins get sudo/root on the development servers. If someone can prove a real need to run something as root, and once we in IT can verify that it's not a security hole, we generally permit only one exact command line to be run via sudo. If they cannot distill their need to a very specific command (using absolute paths, including any arguments) then we reject it.

This is not a BS policy; it was derived from real events. Despite what the engineers around here would like to believe, they aren't generally smart enough to manage a box by themselves. It's been tried, and we refuse to take over any machine they managed without a wipe/reinstall of the OS.

"Oh but the whole build environment is setup on that machine, we'll have to do it over again!" Tough titty, learn to do it over again. If you were a good engineer or programmer, you should be able to find a way to make it not as hard next time. Whats that, the guy who set it up left the company? That sucks, guess you need to figure it out anyways in case your box breaks.

Comment Re:Another Linux admin with a superiority complex. (Score 1) 705

Windoze admins...

The very first word in your "+5 Informative" diatribe is a derogatory term blanketing all administrators of Windows systems. Anything else you have to say should now be taken as extremely biased, if not plain ignorant. I've been an administrator of Unix systems for over 20 years, and an administrator of Linux and Windows servers since their early days. Being a Windows admin does not mean that one is uniformed or technically inept, any more than being a *nix admin makes one smarter.

Stereotypes exist for a reason. If it wasn't true for at least a statistically relevant number of samples, then the stereotype would not exist. Also, some things are derogatory on purpose, as they should be. Who cares about windoze admins anyway, it's not like they're *real* people... You might as well try to have a conversation with a retard. Sorry for any offense to actual retards out there...

Comment Re:NAT is evil. (Score 1) 380

All you just did was illustrate why globally routeable addresses are important. Consequently, routers were invented for the problem you are describing; to connect multiple networks.. If you need two hosts to appear on the same subnet and they are not, you should explain to us why it's needed, cause otherwise I bet you're doing wrong.

Comment Re:Next week: DHS siezes Google domain name (Score 1) 468

All I have to say is and, iirc.

I wonder how many people point to that instead of their ISPs' nameservers?
Seizing the domain would do very little except piss off a lot of ISPs, who now have a complainer in every customer. They would figure out how to make it resolve properly very quickly, and the DHS can go find a root server and cram it where google street view can't see... (dhs - what a waste of tax $$)

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