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Comment Re:slow data (Score 1) 551

So, how about a poll...if you have ATT problems like the article mentioned, tell what part of the country you are in, and what you problem is. Is this more of a regional thing? Is it bad in the NE of the US? The west?

I live in Long Beach, California - about 30min south of Los Angeles.

I have actually had a pretty great experience with my iPhone and AT&T. I live on a small peninsula at the beach, and a lot of people get bad cell phone reception in my house, but my signal has always been very reliable. I rarely have problems with call connections, Pandora works great, and I've been a very happy camper.

Comment Re:free upgrades? (Score 1) 647

I converted from PC to a 15" macbook pro about a year ago, and have loved every bit of it. I'm a web developer, so being able to run OS X/Windows/*nix all on the same box to test in all browsers is important to me. It seems like in between major OS X updates (leopard, snow leopard, etc.) OS X is updated very often with bug fixes. I believe the upgrade from leopard to snow leopard is only $29 or so?

Comment Re:Don't you mean: "...sure NOT to prompt..." (Score 1) 436


Modern web development is all about "progressive enhancement." A website should be built for a bare minimum of functionality to cater to the lowest common denominator of browsers, with additional "layers" of features (javascript effects, HTML5, CSS3, etc.) added on top. For those that can utilize these additional features, they get a better web experience. For those who can't, they still get a functional website, it just might not be as pretty or have that advanced functionality.

What you're describing is more reminiscent of the Netscape-IE browser wars, each fighting with their own proprietary features, which did create compatibility problems. Firefox isn't adding proprietary features, HTML5 is a web standard created by the W3C. And as of late, Windows has been much better about complying with W3C web standards--although not as well as Firefox/Safari/Chrome/Opera. At the very least, I am sure they wouldn't create their own proprietary HTML5.

Comment Re:Wireless Mighty Mouse (Score 1) 519

I have a MBP with a wireless mighty mouse. The scroll ball is pretty awesome, until it gets dirty and stops working. Sometimes you can clean it and it will be back to normal, but one time I tried cleaning it with rubbing alcohol, and though it fixed the scroll ball, the middle button click was then broken. At least the Apple Store was really cool about it. They tried to clean it, still couldn't get it to work, and then just handed me a new one off the shelf.

The right click is fine for most uses, EXCEPT gaming. I tried playing Starcraft with it, and it was horrendous.

All in all I think it's a pretty good mouse for traveling, but for my home office I think I'll get a wired logitech. I'll miss the 360 scroll ball, but extra mouse buttons and no batteries will be nice.

Comment Re:Wide Gamut? (Score 1) 1079

Well, my interest is because I'm hoping that they update Color Sync to accommodate wide-gamut displays. I have a wide gamut display (the Planar PX2611) and the OSX UI / non-color-aware apps look horribly over-saturated.

If the new MBP is indeed wide-gamut, then perhaps snow leopard will include an update to ColorSync with a fix for WG displays. Man, that would make me happy!

As for IPS panels in the MBP--I have a previous generation (early 2008) 15" MBP and I'm pretty sure it's not IPS. The viewing angles aren't as great as my Planar and the colors don't look quite as good in color-managed applications (FF, Photoshop).

Comment Re:Wide Gamut? (Score 1) 1079

Are you saying that wide gamut is impossible in a TN panel? I know that TN panels are crap, but I thought that the gamut was independent of the panel type, and dependent instead on the backlighting?

There must be grounds for the claim of increased gamut. Might it be a different panel type? Do you think it's still sRGB or wide gamut/aRGB?

Comment Wide Gamut? (Score 1) 1079

On the Apple website it says the new 17" MBP has a wider color gamut...does anybody know anything more about this? Is it sRGB, or is it "Wide-Gamut" and closer to aRGB?

I'm interested because I have a wide gamut monitor (the Planar PX2611) and colors in non-color-aware applications (like the OS and most apps) look really over-saturated. In color-aware applications like Photoshop and Firefox, things look fine--so it's obviously a problem that could be solved by software.

If they're really wide-gamut, do these new MBPs have the same problem? Or has it been fixed?

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