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Comment Re:Some thoughts (Score 1) 571

"The high school I graduated from recently enforced school uniforms, suspending students who refuse to conform."

I don't understand what your problem is with uniforms. When you go to a school either you or your parents sign an agreement stating that you will abide by the school rules. If you don't you get either suspended or expelled. PERIOD. You signed it (or your parents who know better for you signed it) so you agree with it. Most of the world uses school uniforms. No-one seems to bitch and moan too much about it there. (Africa, Carribean, South America, GB, Ireland....)
Is it because you can't show off your latest brand name-waste of money- trendy clothes? Or is it because it infringes on your precious right to choose? As a Marine Engineering Student I am required to wear a my uniform (which I loathe)on my college's campus. The only thing I like about the uniform is that you don't have figure out what you are going to wear the next day. (cuts down on laundry alot too)
I remember my days of high school. Personally I think uniforms would have been a good idea. Two reasons. My family was poor so I could never keep up with the latest fashion ($100 jeans!! hell my dad laughed when i asked to buy a $50 pair) which was always a source of amusement to the shallow teens and a source of shame to me. The second point. There were alot of hotties in my school who I would have loved to have seen in a schoolgirl outfit.

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