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Open Source

Submission + - Want to be Joss Whedon? Novacut wants to help. (

CptnSbaitso writes: Cheap HDSLR cameras and shows like Pioneer One, The Guild and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog have shown that the principles of open-source can apply to media and entertainment. Now, a group out of Boulder, CO wants to take the open-source software philosophy to video, letting anyone learn and produce professional-quality video. Novacut is notable not just because it's open-source, but because it distributes the efforts of talented directors, sound engineers and filmmakers. Then, it allows anyone to see exactly how their favorite TV show is recorded, organized and post-produced. They're in their last few hours of their Kickstarter project, where they describe their vision.

Submission + - FOSS & CC video project sprints to funding goa (

jballagh writes: Digital tools now available to filmmakers represent the same sort of explosion in accessibility to the general public that personal computer once brought about. Called Novacut, the project wants to introduce a video editor with the ability for members of a production team to collaboratively edit video from wherever they are while working on the same version of the source files while solidifying FOSS and CC ideals at the lowest levels.

    “Such an editor will help artists reduce costs, work faster, and collaborate with the right people. Such an editor will help independent TV and film succeed. We want artists to win!”

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