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Submission + - A new way to navigate 3D space in Google Earth (

dinther writes: "A novel new way of navigating 3D space has been introduced by In an online program called "Places" users are invited to use the new GExplorer navigation tool to create amazing cinematic camera sequences in Google Earth. The resulting tour files can be shared with friends like a moving 3D postcard and can be played back via the PlanetInAction places page or directly in the desktop version of Google Earth.

The GExplorer interface makes use of both cursor keys and mouse. Use of the interface is very straight forward but keen users can make very complex camera movements through various key combinations. Essentially the GExplorer interface in "Places" allows you to move around as if you have one of those 3D Navigator input devices. You wonder why Google Earth doesn't offer this out of the box.

The website can be found here and a video of "Places" in action can be found:"

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