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Comment Blackhat - erotic novel in a hex editor (Score 3, Informative) 73

In the movie Blackhat there's a screen where a hex editor is used to analyze some malware code. The hex code is just random nonsense, but the ASCII conversion contains lines from an erotic novel, but with each word reversed

Here's a screenshot:


The text on the right says

Her lover one day takes O for a walk ....
in a section of the city where they never go the Montsouris Park. After they have taken a stroll in the park, and have sat together side by side on the edge of a lawn, they notice at one corner of the park, at an intersection where there are never any taxis, a car which, because


which comes from this:

https://archive.org/stream/The... ... O_djvu.txt

Submission + - San Bernardino's district attorney claims "cyber pathogen" on shooter's iPhone. (theguardian.com) 1

Mr.Intel writes: Michael Ramos claims a ‘lying dormant cyber pathogen’ on mass killer Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone still poses a threat.

The questionable claim comes from Ramos’s amicus brief in the case, filed with the US District Court on Thursday afternoon. In it, Ramos supports the FBI’s argument that Apple should be compelled to build a one-use version of its operating system to load on to the seized phone – used by the mass-murderer, but still technically property of his employer, San Bernardino county – in order to weaken the security and allow the Government to brute-force the shooter’s passcode.

Ramos gives a lot of evidence to back up his argument, but one claim in particular has been raising eyebrows. Ramos said: “The iPhone is a county owned telephone that may have connected to the San Bernardino County computer network. The seized iPhone may contain evidence that can only be found on the seized phone that it was used as a weapon to introduce a lying dormant cyber pathogen that endangers San Bernardino County’s infrastructure and poses a continuing threat to the citizens of San Bernardino County”.

Submission + - Bernie Sanders Internet Speed Test: Trump-level credibility? (teleread.com)

David Rothman writes: U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is right to say U.S. Net speeds are too low. But just how accurate is the Bernie Sanders Internet Speed Test? The gag site from some clever Romanians is a hoot. But when I tried it from my location outside Washington, D.C., the site just didn't give my Comcast account its due.

As a comparison, I didn't just rely a near-by server that might have had Comcast ties. I also used the DSL Reports speed test site relying on multiple ISPs. DSL Reports clocked me at around 180Mbps compared to around 18Mbps reported around the same time by the Sanders site, based on Europe and apparently relying on a server in Frankfurt. Am I missing something?

Please note that the Sanders Internet Speed Test is not part of the Sanders campaign. I can still Feel The Bern.

So what gives? Please note that I'm not out to help or hurt Comcast here, just get at the truth.

Comment Re:Time is Money (Score 1) 138

Sure, and the last time this happened to me, and I forgot to update my satellite provider, a promotion was taken away from me because a payment became late. Again, it doesn't matter if it takes 30 seconds to deal with this. Any amount of time spent greater than 0 is an inconvenience and this should not go unpunished. I think the logic is pretty clear...

Comment Time is Money (Score 0) 138

What about all the time the credit card owners have to waste getting a new card and updating all of their vendors, services, etc. If the business is responsible for the credit card data being stolen, and I lose 12 hours of my time dealing with that, then that's "damage", and I deserve to be reimbursed for my time.

Comment Re:Guns and algorithms (Score 1) 152

I find that my own positions on encryption mirror a lot of NRA positions on guns...I am not sure what to make of it.

Did you hear about the toddler that found his parent's encryption in the closet and encrypted himself? Did you hear about Dick Cheney "accidentally" encrypting his friend in the face?

Neither did I. That's the difference.

Comment Re:Of course you can get more intelligent. (Score 1) 82

I took a real, proctored IQ test when I was applying to a highly selective middle/high school. I remember two of the questions specifically, one where I was read a set of directions and asked how far I wound up from the starting point, and another where I was asked to rattle off as many nouns as I could in 60 seconds. How these measure IQ, I couldn't say (but I suppose they are better than SAT-style arithmetic & vocabulary questions, which only measure how much time you've spent studying).

I also remember my mother wouldn't tell me how I did because she knew that I was not likely to be a sportsmanlike about it (good result or bad). But the score isn't relevant to this discussion of whether or not IQ tests are real. They're real and I've taken one.

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