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Journal Journal: Moving Again...

2 years ago I got out of the Marine Corp While in the Marine Corp I have been to 20 diffrent states and 15 diffrent countires but I always seemed to end up back in Californoa(I am from Mass). After I got out I came back to Mass with the wife and kids to get a job that I was offered. But 2 short years have passed and they have anounced they will be shutting down our facility. Luckily I have recieved 2 job offers both with the same company but in different regions. Mass and Cali. The black hole

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Journal Journal: Moderation

WTF?? I have been chosen to be a moderator every other day for the past 2 weeks. Readin slashdot isn't my job. I am married with 2 kids, I work full time and go to school 3/4 time. and moderate slashdot?!!! Christ they should practically pay me for how much work I've done. I could just not moderate but thats not my nature. I must do the job right. CowboyNeal is taking advatage of my marine nature.
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1)I will take charge of this post and all trolls in views s

Journal Journal: liberal vs conserviative & Democrat vs. Republican

I am somewhat conservative and I usually vote Republican. I understand how someone could be a democrat say 10 years ago but now the democrat party freaks me out. This isn't to say republicans are perfect some of their big buisness "tax breaks" piss me off. But the Democrats by far freak me out the most.I don't understand how someone could be all of the following.
Pro-Partial Birth Abortion/Late term(>=6 months or more)but I do believe if the health of the mother is in serious jeapo

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