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Comment Re:I'm not sure I understand (Score 1) 432

The issue seems to be that they're doing a rewrite of busybox because the legal foundation responsible for policing the busybox license forces them into compliance for all GPL'ed works for all the products they release before they will grant the company access to use the software again under the terms of the GPL. Many of these companies are not complying with the GPL for this other software because the copyright holders are not actively pursuing infringers of the license like busybox is.

Comment Re:Federation? (Score 2, Informative) 174

Given that the interserver federation in xmpp doesn't scale well ( see ), I'm guessing the thought of federation is too scary an option for facebook. 60% of the packets in an xmpp network are presence packets and xmpp uses an extremely naive way of distributing these (i.e. it sends an xmpp presence message for each user in the buddy list, even if many of the users are on the same xmpp server and the presence packet could be only sent once for all of them and exploded by the server at the other end). This probably wouldn't be too much of an issue if not many people have buddies on other xmpp servers, but could be disastrous if it becomes popular. I'm guessing they'd also be reticent to do this because it would decrease their lockin of users, if you don't need a facebook account to talk to facebook users why would you bother using facebook.

Comment Re:Serious question (Score 1) 352

Maybe Comcast should setup an exchange server on their ad servers so that the the exchange clients don't time out connecting to As an added bonus if the password scheme for MAPI isn't a challenge response based one they could also collect the passwords for anyone using a split VPN on their network.

Comment Re:I stopped reading... (Score 1) 682

I thought Ubuntu's goals were even more modest than that. A debian repository with 6 month release cycles. This was sorely needed at the time as woody had been the stable release of debian since 2002. The perception was that debian was horribly antiquated, which it was, and unusable. A lot of work has since been done and the speed of releases, although not as frequent as once every 6 months is pretty reasonable.

Comment Re:strange (Score 4, Insightful) 215

Virtualization doesn't help your performance if you're already using all of a particular resource. It has overheads that mean you're getting less out of your hardware in terms of raw performance. The fact that you can put 5 boxes that would otherwise be sitting idle on the same hardware is what makes virtualization attractive.


Submission + - Google, what happened to the world's largest bug?

An anonymous reader writes: A giant bug has been discovered on the Google's Maps in the Southern Germany last year (old Slashdot story), but has disappeared from the most recent version of Google Maps.

Here is an article (in Slovak) with some real photos from this field located somewhere between Aalen and Nördlingen. Because of extremely dry spring in this area, only one bug could be found after fifteen minutes of searching. And it wasn't even a thrips.

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