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Comment Re:speeds "up to".... (Score 1) 69

I remember a few years ago, I was waiting for Docsis 3 based services to come out like their 30/5 and 50/5. In the mean time they offered me 20x2 over the phone. I ended up going on their web site and signed up for it where it was also advertised as 20x2.

Once I started using it, i got a consistent 20x1 on speed test. I thought something was provisioned wrong accidentally. Turns out, even though they advertised it as 20x2 even on a screen only accessable AFTER you log in (i.e. where you're picking which speeds you want to upgrade to), it was "actually 20x1 some places and 20x2 other places."

They were implying that because the speeds were "up to" 20x2, they had no duty to let me know that the upload speed in my area would only be 20x1 - exactly what I was already getting before I upgraded, and I was only upgrading for the upload speed boost.

The wording needs to be considered as a reasonably informed person would - not a know-nothing devils advocate or strict computer interpretation of the rules."Speeds up to" has the implication of "This is the maximum we allow, but network congestion may limit it." If they're capping you to 1 mbit per second, its not up to 2 mbits, its up to 1 - you will never see 2, even at uncongested times.

No reasonable person expects a residential internet connection to be guarenteed to operate at its full rated speed 24/7/365, but the same reasonable person expects that they should be able to get the rated speed at low congestion times. I called them out for bait and switch and they gave me the higher speed for like 2 years free.

And if they're going to offer different products under the same brand name in different areas, they damn well better make sure the product they're offering YOU as a result of entering your login information is the right one, and not a superior one thats actually not really available.

Comment Re:Can it be an all versions blu-ray? (Score 1) 304

4096 * 2160 pixels * 30 bit color depth * 24 frames per second = 760 megabytes per second. Even if we're talking 32 bit color depth and 48 fps 3d, that only gives us 3.2 gigabytes per second.

Pretty sure that "18gbps" number isn't right or you're mixing units. You do know that a gigabyte and a gigabit aren't the same thing, right?

Comment Re: If only... (Score 1) 126

There are some definite diminishing returns on 4K vs 1080p unless you have a huuuuuuge tv/projector. However, you could have pretty crappy vision and still tell the difference between a DVD and a bluray or "480p" vs "1080p" streaming. Unless you're sitting 20 feet away from a 24" tv, the difference should not be subtle. DVDs are pretty hard to go back to once you're used to bluray or even just amateur 1080p YouTube videos. The artifacting is absurd.

Comment I'm glad somebody is on the case (Score 5, Informative) 192

It would be nice to be able to buy real reputable chargers and batteries for laptops/phones on Amazon but, as Apple is now proving, thats essentially impossible. Its a better bet to go with something amazon basics branded than the actual OEM equipment, because at least Amazon will stand behind their own branded stuff. I bought a "Real, made by lenovo" charger laptop off Amazon for my T450s and it didn't have a serial number on it and it had odd markings that the real one didn't have. Counterfeit, for sure - theres no reason Lenovo would sell you a charger without a distinct serial number on it.

Doesn't Amazon have any power to stop sellers from selling counterfeit equipment? They don't have to vet the quality of every product they sell, but selling a new OEM product should require additional vetting. I don't care if they don't test a product thats clearly not OEM, then at least its a buyer beware scenario.

Comment Re:Look at that shift (Score 3, Insightful) 111

I'm pretty sure their goal is to pressure people into actually working less hours and have a life outside of work (while maybe saving the company some money in the process), not trick people into working two 30 hour jobs a week. I could be wrong, but this seems to be a whole different concept from "I work at McDonalds in the morning and as a janitor at night and I hate my lif!"

Comment Re:What happens at crunch time? (Score 2) 111

Well, 10-2 Monday->Thursday is only 16 hours a week, what they mean is that everyone has to be there during those hours, and then you can pick our own work hours for the other 14 hours you have to work. I.e. you could work 9-5, you could work 8-4, you could work 10-6, but you have to be there between 10 and 2 Monday to Thursday.

Comment Re:ah, yes (Score 3) 180

You beat me to writing the exact post I was about to write. Completely mind blowingly unacceptable maintenance. When my pool goes green, its because I was out of town for 2 weeks and didn't pay anyone to check it and forgot to top off the chlorinator, but sometimes I have more impotant things to handle than whether my pool is readily swimmable. As far as cyanuric acid is concerned, I was blown away when i discovered the relationshi between CYA, chlorine, and the effect of sunlight on the pool. At 50ppm CYA, you need like 3-5 ppm chlorine to keep the pool clean, and sunlight prevents the chlorine from breaking down as fast, but it makes shocking it very expensive if you forget your pool for a week and it turns green. Meanwhile, at a CYA level of 0, it might only take .25 to .5 ppm to keep it clean and as little as 1-2 to shock a green pool, but with no CYA, sunlight will destroy the chlorine instantly. In the middle levels of 10-30 CYA, you don't need as a high of a chlorine reading, and sun doesn't destroy the chlorine instantly, but you still need to watch it, BUT you can also dose less chlorine when you do. Its when the CYA gets up to like 100 that even shocking the pool becomes difficult because you need like 20ppm and even in a 24' 4' deep above ground, thats like 2 whole gallons of shock, and you might need to do that more than once. Gets expensive quick... easier just to keep the chlorine and cya levels lower.

Comment Re:Google giving the Business.. (Score 3, Interesting) 105

Where I work, we pay more than $250 a month for 30 by 30 fiber from TWC. Its pretty reliable, but reliably slow at such a low cap speed. The 10x10 fiber we have at some locations comes in under $200 a month, but the symmetric speeds means the download is tough when you need to grab a big file like driver updates and whatnot.

I'd love to pay $250 a month for business gigabit. Or $150 a month for 250.

I'm not saying its completely ok to drop the speeds/increase the price, but as the other sibling post pointed out, they're pretty good prices for business internet even if its not as good as the "retroactively introductory" price.

Comment Re:GTX 980 is not "upper midrange" (Score 1) 59

Well, if 2 980 tis are higher end than one 980 ti... three 980 tis are higher end than 2. If you just start stacking more of the same thing, its certainly a more high end overall solution, but it doesn't make the product that comprises that solution more high end. A Porsche 911 GT3 is a high end car, but a Bugatti Veyron costs more. The fact that you can always find something even more expensive to throw your money at doesn't mean that anything that was previously high end is now midrange. Of course, I don't actually intend to dictate what people call high end or not and even my own suggestion only means anything at this precise moment in time. Something like an Nvidia 8800 ultra used to be high end, but now is irrelevant since its so old and it barely keeps up with Intel integrated graphics.

Comment Re:GTX 980 is not "upper midrange" (Score 1) 59

Oh yeah, i forgot about the Titan-X. Thats more expensive, but its not really any faster than a 980 ti, it just has more GPU memory. Which is definitely something to put it even higher end, but at the end of the day they're basically both "I have money and want to be parted with it" solutions.

I'd get a GTX 970 if i were in the market for a GPU, but I don't play enough brand new games to warrant upgrading currently.

Comment GTX 980 is not "upper midrange" (Score 4, Informative) 59

The GTX 980 is not an upper midrange card. Its $500 and about the only thing faster is a GTX 980 TI. I know it sounds like a big deal for it to run well on a so-called midrange card, but if they wanted to do that they'd need to try it out on a GTX 950 or 960.

If I were the dictator of "video card performance nomenclature," it would be more like this:

GTX 950 - Midrange
GTX 960 - Upper Midrange
GTX 970 - Entry level High End
GTX 980 - High End
GTX 980ti - Cost No Object.

If a video card costs about what the average person spends on a whole computer these days, the phrase "midrange" does not get to be associated with it.

Comment Why your article won't be read (Score 5, Insightful) 148

I'm not even making a slashdot-type "nobody reads the article" joke here - literally no one anywhere is going to read the article when you use high-level SAT words and phrases like:

incestuous words
regime (not referring to a country's leadership)

If its supposed to be ironic, I get it, but if its not then you failed miserably and don't even understand your own ideas.

I think its good to have as big of a vocabulary as possible and I actually recognize most of these words or could figure it out from contrast, and I consider myself to have a fairly above-average vocab due to having an English teacher for a Mom, but repeatedly using "big" words like those is just a shortcut to letting us know you're an asshole without much to say.

tldr version:

Comment AMD vs Intel performance (Score 2) 311

Regardless of how many cores you have, 90% of the crap that 90% of people do doesn't even benefit from having more than two cpu cores, and it only benefits from that because you can use one core for "the app you're running in the foreground" and one core for literally all other background tasks so your system doesn't lock up if you really need to use 100% of a core, AMD can throw more cores at their CPUs but end users won't see real world performance benefits except in limited scenarios. Intel's super cheap Pentium G3220 at 3ghz (and with only two cores) beats everything AMD sells except for hand-picked benchmarks where AMD's core advantage overcomes its brutal per-clock disadvantage. Single threaded performance is whats king and you'd have to run an AMD cpu at like 5ghz to overcome its poor performance per clock to beat a 3ghz Intel (core-architecture) CPU. And its sad for me to say this because I bought nothing but AMD CPUs from like 2000 until 2014. I wish they could be competetive but the situation looks pretty bleak. I can't use their stuff when their 8 core 4.5ghz cpu is only "a little bit faster" than my 4 core 3ghz phenom from 2009, but my i7 4790k is like, a solid 3 times faster than that 2009 phenom in almost anything you throw at it.

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