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Journal Journal: Get A Haircut

Busy workday today, but I managed to get a haircut on the way home, and stopped off at the Asian grocer to pick up oyster sauce, green tea, and coconut milk. I dunno what I'll use the coconut milk for yet, but I reckon it'll come in handy sometime. I used the oyster sauce over bok choy and it turned out excellently.

Saw the first episode of Dragon Ball today, and I'm pumped. I can see why a lot of people like it better than the Dragon Ball series that followed it. It's able to pack both plot and action in an episode, rather than choosing one or the other, as is common with Dragon Ball.

I'm hoping to start Final Fantasy VI later this week. It will be fun to see how far I can get over the weekend. Everyone who I've talked to has said it's the best of the Final Fantasy series, and even though I really liked FF5, I can easily see both it's strengths and weaknesses.

Gotta finish hacking together some scripts so I can deal with a bunch of user/password issues. The new code has totally changed the way things work, yet also left me without a working interface to manage it at the moment. I'm sitting on a gazillion people who can't log in. Oh well, in a couple days, this'll all be sorted out.


Journal Journal: Grocery Day!

Fixed more bugs today. Broke some more things, from the looks of it, but fixed others. That's the way it goes, I guess. On the whole I guess it was a positive change.

Finally got out of the house and bought groceries. I returned 3 of the 5 garbage bags full of empties that have been riding around in the back of my car. I figured it would make my groceries cheaper, as well as give me some room to put my groceries in the back of my car for the return trip. I think there was a total of seven dollars worth of empties that I returned today, and I'd almost rather pay that much more for my groceries than have to go through the hassle of feeding all the cans and bottles through the machines and getting all sticky.

I bought a new toaster as well. I've still been using the toaster my mom and dad gave me when I moved out, which had been in the travel trailer. It's a little dodgy, but it still works fine. However, it's older than I am, and the slots weren't big enough to fit bagels, which is really the only thing I want to toast anyway.

Also, I finally got caught up on watching Mobile Suit Gundam today. I can't believe what a great series it is. Characters on both sides of Earth/Zeon conflict are fully developed, and then killed off. In 2 episodes, I was forced to watch 2 of my favorite characters die. I'm not about to cry or anything like some friggin pansy, but I'm amazed at the path the show has taken. It's a damn good anime for being almost 25 years old.


Journal Journal: The Big Switch

Man, it was such a good idea to switch Slashdot to new code on a weekend. It's giving us so much time to prepare for the influx of traffic that will no doubt happen on Monday.

Anyway, I'm chasing down bugs today while also trying to upgrade my laptop from Linux 2.4.1 -> Linux 2.4.9. Unfortunately, 2.4.9 has decided that my PCMCIA slot no longer exists, and with no networking, a computer is near useless to me. Looks like I'll be reverting and waiting for the next release. Oddly, 2.4.9 worked dandy on my firewall, and all the problems I had with NAT under the old 2.4.2 version it was running have been remedied. Cheers to Rusty and the netfilter team.

Also, it looks like Cartoon Network is going to begin showing the original Dragon Ball on Toonami, so I made sure to set a season pass for it in TiVo.

Well, I'm off to go feed the dogs for my parents, who are gone on vacation. Sometimes I wish they could hire someone who lives closer to take care of them, but I also kind of like letting them run around outside for awhile. They're always so happy to be let off the leash.

Journal Journal: Not Without My Bass

So, the new server is live, and I got a list of bugs to squash. Everything went better than I had imagined during the move, so I guess we're doing alright. The real test of the new setup will be on Monday when our regular traffic hits. We'll see how well everything holds up.

I really can't wait until all the bugs are squared away, and I (and the rest of SlashTeam) can breath a sigh of relief and take it easy for a bit. I've got a copy of Final Fantasy VI and a sixer of Bass Ale waiting for me. :)

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