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Jimmy Wales Says Students 'Should Use' Wikipedia 345

An anonymous reader writes "The BBC has up an article chatting with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. Wales views the Wikipedia site as an educational resource, and apparently thinks teachers who downplay the site are 'bad educators'. '[A] perceived lack of authority ... has drawn criticism from other information sources. Ian Allgar of Encyclopedia Britannica maintains that, with 239 years of history and rigorous fact-checking procedures, Britannica should remain a leader in authoritative, politically-neutral information. Mr Allgar pointed out the trustworthy nature of paid-for, thoroughly-reviewed content, and noted that Wikipedia is still prone to vandalism.'"

Submission + - Wikipedia founder attacks educators

An anonymous reader writes: In the BBC article
"Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has said teachers who refuse students access to the site are 'bad educators'." and
"He said he now thinks that students should be able to cite the online encyclopedia in their work."

which is ironic because rejecting Wikipedia as a valid source is his idea

"In 2005, at the height of the controversy over the site's accuracy, Mr Wales told the BBC that students who copied information from Wikipedia 'deserved to get an F grade', and that the site should really be used as a 'stepping stone' to more authoritative information."

Submission + - Wikipedia Admins. Admit "Private" Checkuse ( 1

wikinerdiest writes: This Wikipedia Administrative Board discussion tells it all.'_noticeboard/Archive114#.22Private.22_Checkuser_use . The admins. secretly and habitually arrange for their Checkuser tool to invade Users' privacy (via so-called "private" requests made to those with the invasive Checkuser status) via back channel email and IRC conversations. The regular Wikipedia users have no idea it's even happening so they can't even complain about a privacy abuse to the token Ombudsman set up on the official Checkuser request page ( which seems to be just a ruse for public reassurance that Checkuser use is a transparent process).
The Internet

Submission + - Are you a victim of Wikipedia deletionists?

CowardX10 writes: The recent Slashdot story Call For Halt To Wikipedia Webcomic Deletions combined with the commentary I read for the Wikinews article on this subject made me feel the scope of what's happening in terms of deletionist admins angering and driving away a lot of contributors. I posted the following comment there and now here hoping to get feedback showing that this problem goes far beyond Webcomics.

The assholes have definitely taken over

My friend who used to contribute a lot in terms of articles and even money decided to stop because the deletionist assholes made it such a pain for him that he now despises the site. And although almost none of his contributions were deleted, he hated the way half his time was spent arguing with deletors about his work.

Even Jimbo Whales has experienced this. He started an article on Mzoli's Meats , a butcher shop and restaurant in South Africa. When it was almost speedily deleted, he told the deletors to "excuse themselves from the project and find a new hobby.". In other words, get a life and stop ruining the project. Unfortunately, a bunch of editors added information to the article so it's now kept, saving Jimbo from having to confront either the bitterness many have felt in getting their work destroyed or remaking policy so that people like my friend would continue contributing.

These asshole admins are really making Wikipedia a crappy site, and their effect on valuable editors is worse than what any nasty vandal might do since admins are part of the power hierarchy. This is another valuable lesson in what happens when you give thoughtless small minded people a little power. They make their pronouncements and mass annihilations without any consideration on what the effect might be on a person who has spent sometimes hundreds of man hours creating, maintaining, and protecting his/her articles. They dismiss people by spouting some arbitrary interpretation of policy backed up by their cabals, while those who have better things to do like actually create content get fucked over. James Derk of The Daily Southtown wrote an article where he talks about having a similar experience.

Also, here's a good Slashdot thread illustrating the intellectual dishonesty of the deletionist admins. It is part of the Slashdot story Call For Halt To Wikipedia Webcomic Deletions which is filled with former contributors testifying to their own treatment at the hands of these assholes. It's sad how some people seem to really get off on destroying the work of others.

I think it's interesting how when I don't know about a subject, editing an article on it would be considered vandalism. But it's perfectly OK for the deletors to destroy work relating to things they often know nothing about. Sometimes they even use their very ignorance as justification.

I think Wikipedia has a choice right now. Allow a lot more in than they are currently doing and piss off the deletionists, or let these deletionists have their way and piss off the content creators(And I should add, it's not only deleted articles that are targeted, but plot synopses, trivia sections, clearly permissible images, etc. have all succumbed to the slash and burn mentality of these deletionists.). So Jimbo, who would you rather keep around?

Submission + - McBride says, "I'd Sue IBM Again 10 Times Over

CowardX10 writes: Our favorite Linux reporter Maureen O'Gara has written a story from the SCO Forum being held in Las Vegas where she quotes Darl McBride saying he'd do it all over again. He also compares himself to Wesley from The Princess Bride.

The article is really about Rob Enderle though, and his history with the case. And let me add more fuel to the fire by adding that Enderle gave a talk at the forum titled "Free Software and the Fools Who Use It."

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