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Comment Re:I would suggest that the "world leaders" (Score 1) 1032

I would suggest that the "world leaders" "band together" against Israel, which:

a. Has nuclear weapons
b. Is not a party to the non-proliferation treaty
c. Has the means of delivery of said nuclear weapons
d. Does not allow IAEA inspectors
e. Is extremely aggressive

Compared to Israel, Iran is in kindergarten. If you're going to apply sanctions to Iran, get rid of the double standard and apply them uniformly to Israel as well.

Do drugs much? Israel is extremely aggressive against countries that attack it or fund terrorists that do the same. Name a single instance where Israel (the only democracy in the middle east no less!) has launched an attack on a peaceful country without provocation. All I keep on seeing is Arab countries launching attacks against Israeli civilians, and Israel responds by bombing Arab military installations (which by no coincidence are built deep in civilian zones). Is there a reason for them to launch attacks from civilian cities? Is there a reason for them to attack Israeli civilians? It is no coincidence that these same people are sponsoring terrorist attacks in the world's other Western nations. This isn't a war between Islamic extremists and Israel. It's a war between Islamic extremists and the Western World. Israel just happens to be conveniently located close by.

Comment Re:containment theory... (Score 2, Funny) 1032


Look the other way, for Israel.

Look the other way, for India.

Maybe proliferation is not the real issue, and they will find the excuse to demolish Persia - by hook or by crook.

... Uh, right. Because Israel and India hate the west sooooo much. There is a world of difference between our democratic allies having advanced weaponry and nutcase dictatorships doing the same, especially when said dictatorships have threatened to attack anyone who offends them. They have already mentioned Israel and the US by name, but recently have mentioned Britian, France and other European countries. It is also worth noting that their missiles have been capable of reaching Israel for years but they have continued to expand their missile range in order to include both Europe and US cities. They can already reach southern Europe. Anyway, this is just the tip of the iceberg. What makes it more interesting is that they claim to be developing peaceful nuclear energy but they have enough oil to meet domestic supply for over 110 years (!!). How could any oil-rich country need nuclear energy? And why do they need to develop missiles capable of carrying nukes in parallel? It's no coincidence.

PS: The way they slaughtered their own civilians after the recent election fraud does not inspire me when it comes to them threathened people they like even less.

Comment Learn from Israel, not Canada (Score 0) 925

Canada's health care costs are skyrocketing. Canada will not be able to afford providing universal health-care within a decade or two. To add insult to injury, we have people dying in waiting lists. You wait 9 months for an MRI here. No joke.

I know a lot of Canadians who swear by our health care. Guess how many of them have ever had more than a cough? ... Take it from someone who has actually had to rely on the system for something like serious like surgery: it's very poor. My wife was on a 2 year waiting list for major back surgery because (in her doctor's words) "there are people in front of you who have already become paralyzed while waiting for surgery. You simply have to wait your turn." Excuse me for not wanting to become permanently crippled.

In Israel, all citizens must be covered by a health care provider. There are four national providers to choose from that must provide the same basic services at the same price. Providers differentiate themselves by offering locations, doctors, and premium services (dental care, etc) for whopping cost of $10 a month. You don't need to pay for any of this because basic health care is more than enough.

In short, you end up with the benefit of national health care with the low prices of a competitive market. Israel's health care is one of the few in the world that provides first rate service without the associated skyrocketing prices. Oh, and did I mention that if you walk into the hospital with an emergency you'll be seen within 30 minutes? It's 8 hours on average in Canada.

Comment This isn't new (Score 1) 68

I don't understand what the big deal is. Business Methods have never been patentable outside of the US to begin with. Canada just reaffirmed the fact that it does not (and never has) recognized business methods as being eligible for patents.

Comment That would *really* suck... (Score 1) 526

IBM is a really negative company from an end-user point of view. If they acquire Sun we can kiss Java goodbye. Before you know it it'll become more complicated to use (they make tons of money off support contracts) and then it'll sit unsupported for 10 years before IBM admits that it's a dead product (OS/2 case in point).

No, I'd much rather see Google acquire Sun if anyone at all.

Comment That's Videotron for you (Score 5, Informative) 213

Anyone who's dealt with Videotron before recognizes their double speak. They have a long history of draconian practices such as capping the bandwidth of their users at a very low level, preventing the use of *any* sort of server, charging $50 per static IP you request, etc.

They go out of their way to rip off their users and then try to impose the same draconian measures on their competitors in order to discourage users from jumping ship. The same applies to Bell.

The Canadian government should outlaw any one company from owning *both* the infrastructure and service components of media services. Right now Bell is abusing their monopoly on phone lines to lock competitors out of the ADSL space and Videotron monopolizes its control of cable lines to lock competitors out of the TV space.

Comment Re:Simple Solution: (Score 1) 311

The parent post is an obvious troll. There are numerous benchmarks that show that Java performance has increased in a big way over the past couple of years. Many operations now match C/C++ performance.

This isn't a question of performance. It's a question of anal users being paranoid of every little thing that gets installed on their computers. I've got a newsflash for you: software sucks. It's no coincidence that today's word processors use 100x more resources than a decade ago with little to show for it in terms of increased productivity. That's life.

Comment Protests, fake reports, media manipulation (Score 1) 644

I believe I speak for the entire virtual community when I say: get a life!

I've never seen so many people so upset over propaganda being put out by a terrorist group. If you spent just a few minutes studying the information in any detail you would have noticed the same children being handled by different "parents", fake injuries and simply impossible casualty counts and injuries. One recent example that comes to mind is when the UNRWA (which admitted to employing Hamas members in the past) claimed that Israel shot its truck drivers but didn't actually know where the incident too place nor could they explain how tank shells that would normally blow up human bodies would somehow make tiny sniper holes in the bodies of these people.

Face the fact: they were shot by Hamas. Israel has no interest in harming civilians, it adds to international pressure against them. Hamas has all the interest in the world in harming civilians: it increases their support and hurts Israel. Also, this isn't the first time that a terrorist group has manipulated the media in this way:

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