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Comment Re:Because... (Score 1) 710

There are several countries in the Middle East who want new forms of reliable power and don't want to be targets for terrorists.
Thorium has the potential to generate power cheaply and without bomb-making potential; unlike uramium. As to the 'enrichment' question, once separated as a metal from the ores (a basic technology every metal needs to be recovered from the ground in any quantity), Thorium does not need enrichment. The primary isotope for nuclear fuel usage is the +90% content component. There are technical issues to solve, but the main issue to the willingness to concider nuclear power and forgo bombs.

Comment Solar power panels as a road surface material. (Score 1) 484

Whether the idea of using these panels on major, truck-carrying roads flies or not, the technology to make rugged, relatively low cost solar panels has a lot of value. Many commercial buildings have asphalt roofs, top floors of parking garages are often exposed all day, and there are lower use roads in many places around the country. Even if this is only used to power the streetlights and traffic lights (and sewage and waste water pumps), this could be significant savings to local government. If you did those things, even the AC/DC argument fades to insignificance as the usage is local and generally not current-type dependent.

Comment Small dogs (Score 1) 497

Quote from the article;
"Amazingly, right now Chihuahuas are still considered C. lupus familiaris, a subspecies of wolf. And calling a Chihuahua a wolf is like calling someone at the Discovery Institute a scientist."

I can't speak to the Discovery Institute point directly; but without a doubt, small dogs can be as aggressive as a wolf. We own a 10 pound poodle and my daughter and SIL have a 7 pounder. DO NOT get on the wrong side of either. They may not take as big a bite, but it still hurts.

Comment And this is meaningful, why? (Score 3, Insightful) 159

So what if this was written on a 16-bit hardware computer. I know of graphic games written in the Apple ][ Sweet-16 interpreter (a 16-bit machine in software installed on all Apple ][ machines) long before this. And, this machine was a one-of-a-kind creation that had no meaningful volume, even by the standards of the time. Lastly, it isn't graphical if it used TEXT CHARACTERS to represent the game elements. There were other games written on PDP-11 and LSI-11 machines (also true 16-bit hardware) that predate this.

Comment Quality vs. Quantity (Score 1) 198

Do not confuse quantity with quality; also recognize the results of theft by European conquerors in the quantity of materials in European hands that originated in the Middle East and other places. I am more familiar with the Western literary tradition, so I will use as examples the multiple books of the Hebrew Bible, the Dead sea scrolls (some of which are not in the Bible), the early Christian writings, the Talmud, and lots of Islamic works - all of which are of Middle Eastern origin.

Comment Useless (Score 1) 617

As a long-term PalmOS (since 1996) user, this device is useless to me. Some of my client do not allow cell phones and other radio (excluding WiFi and Bluetooth) devices on premises for security reasons. So a device dependent on the Web, as is indicated in the email sent to me by Palm, won't be available when I need it; it will be out in the car in the parking lot (if it even makes it in past the security gate). There is no indication if I could import data from existing PalmOS devices or if it can run any existing PalmOS third-party applications. For a device and OS supposedly 'in development' as long as this one has, it seems grossly inadequate to hold on to existing customers. And, I'm not even going to mention Sprint!

Journal Journal: Some late night ramblings of an over-caffinated mind

There have been a number of news reports regarding Super-Volcanic action in the recent weeks. Much of it centers on increased seismic activity in the Yellowstone area of North America. Another has been the report of a theoretical analysis of the Earth's Moon being formed as a result of a Super-Volcanic eruption, instead of the currently prevalent impact theory.

Comment Complainant is a fool. (Score 1) 74

Let's see...
If the NYT lost such a case (not likely), what would the outcomes possibly be?
1 - NYT hires some junior reporter wannabes whose job it is to read articles on other sites, rewrite them without plagiarizing, and post as NYT material. The winner gets neither fees and advertising revenue. NYT gets the stuff cheap.
2 - NYT pays licensing fees for linking to the winner's site. The winner gets both fees and advertising revenue. NYT gets shafted.
3 - NYT goes to the winner's competitor(s) and gets approval to aggregate their material instead. The winner gets neither fees and advertising revenue. NYT gets the stuff cheaper than option 2, but probably more than #1.

To me, given the possibility that the NYT would win a 'fair use' case, especially since the stuff was on an open RSS feed anyway, and a cheap possible solution if they lose, the complainant is a fool.

Comment Definition? (Score 2, Interesting) 130

The distance to the edge of an atmospheric layer varies by definition, season, orbit, solar radiation conditions, and probably a variety of other conditions. If the edge measured was at 220km instead of 420km, is there agreement on the definition (as a start)? 220 km converts to about 137 miles. 420km converts to about 261 miles. (sorry, I'm in the US, I think in non-metric units.) The US requirement for astronaut wings is 50 miles. Since none of the people in orbit since 1960 (except for moonshots) went higher than the upper number, where they all in orbit within the ionosphere, according to the claimed 'old' definition? Unlikely.

Comment Your signature (Score 1) 719

This is about your signature, not the post directly. I checked out your referral to the Bible Gateway and they don't have an English version of the Hebrew Bible. Since there are significant differences in the translations into English from the original Hebrew between the Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant versions (not to mention some of the differences recognized by Islam, which also considers these books to be holy), why not an English version of the Hebrew Bible? The JPS 1917 translation is available for free at

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