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Comment Re:"H1N1" (Score 2, Insightful) 368

Indeed it would be appropriate, although human idiocy knows no bounds. H1N1 is a neutral, politically correct, idiocy-avoiding name. There you have the Egyptian Government culling a ridiculous number of swine, just to show that the government was doing something, but hey, its "Swine Flu", swines must die! , Not to mention the Chinese Government confining Mexican Tourists -healthy Mexican Tourists, mind you- just because they were Mexican.

The reasoning was similar, "Hey, its the Mexican Flu, let's quarantine Mexicans!"... There are other examples of Xenophobia being triggered by associating Mexico with the desease, not to mention the disaster in the Tourism industry in Mexico.

So, while i concurr that previous practice was acceptable (Spanish Flu, et al), the current near-instantaneous information transfer and given the unlimited ability for human idiocy, A/H1N1 Influenza, is quite acceptable. After All, if you call it Human Influenza will any government risk culling humans? how about getting rid of the pesky furry H1N1s? oh, wait! H1N1 actually designates the virus... guess it is as correct as any name.

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