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Comment Re:I've done this before! (Score 4, Insightful) 752

In the 90's when oil was cheap, the iter project (a new fusion reactor) was too expensive and nobody wanted to pay. Make it cheaper, make it smaller. So the design became more modest (for lack of a better word). Early 00's, the iraq war was on. France was against So out of spite, the US sided with japan as host country, rather than with France as expected. This blocked approval of the build site for several years. Late 00's, oil is at record prices and the a build site (Cadarache in France) is finally selected. With a question attached (or so I heard from people within my field), if we pay more can you speed up the process? Yeah right, unfortunately science and engineering does not always work that way (mythical man month). Some things just require time. Until iter, the development of fusion went faster than the development of computer hardware. This delay of about ten years for financial and political reasons will come back to haunt us. Blame your governments for being cheap and petty. Blame your governments that we won't have fusion in time to save our sorry asses.

Comment Re:Another product that is mostly USA-only (Score 1) 132

Apple TV is also severely limited in the number of available countries.

In europe, you have to wait sometimes years before you can watch the show on TV. If it is broadcasted at all.

DVD's also arrive with a time delay and is at this moment an outdated technology.

Bluray is not supported by Apple. My iMac has the biggest screen in house.

and even so, after having bought a few hundred dvd's I am getting tired of the space it occupies and even more so that I have to play DJ every time I want to see a movie. If I can find it somewhere in my collection.
This has really brought down my buying rate. Where the hell do I store them all?
I could rip them, but that would take me months.

So downloading, the preferred option, is only possible where I live if you do it illegally. Great. I guess they don't want my money.
If it is a good movie or show, I will buy it. I even have unopened dvd packages. I buy it to express my appreciation and in the hope more of that type of movies/shows are made. But it is time to move on to digital downloads.

Comment Re:Belgium (Score 1) 674

Flemish and Dutch are the same language. Both The Netherlands and Flanders are part of the language union. You won't see a difference in writing, spelling or grammar. What you do have is that some words are typical Flemish or typical from The Netherlands. You also have that the pronunciation differs from region to region. You also have some dialects throughout both countries.

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