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Comment Special Screening (Score 3, Insightful) 638

The petition was not removed, but randomly chosen for special screening in a side room, away from public eyes to protect its privacy. Hence you saw it "under maintenance".
Unfortunately it has been determined that the petition was carrying some dangerous baggage, and therefore it was denied boarding rights to the oval office. It is now blacklisted for future trips.

Submission + - CERN looks to graphics processors, many-core (

nk497 writes: Sverre Jarp, the CTO of CERN's openlab, thinks the future is many-core — and thinks graphics processors could have a place in physics experiments. Ahead of the LHC experiment kicking off again, he said: "Right now we’re so happy with the multicore strategy that we jump on every incremental improvement because it's so important to us, so we expect to be equally enthused with the Westmere."

He added: "So we expect that we will go down the road of many-core parallelism, so maybe 16 core, 32 core, who knows. Maybe in certain cases, that means a certain risk of less reliability, now this still shouldn't be red pixels in a blue sky, but it might mean the mean-time between failures not being thousands of hours but maybe being a bit shorter."

Comment Wikimedia foundation is protecting its ass (Score 1) 572

Otherwise, even public domain art scannings can get them in trouble.
Like the recent shameful lawsuit by the National Art Gallery
That some jackass artist's agent lawyers-up at the slightest prospect of getting another shinny penny in the pocket, I can expect. But a taxpayer funded institution which main objective should be the preservation and public outreach of fine art (a lot of which outside the scope of any copyright bindings), that's just unacceptable.

Comment Re:Nice thought, bad planning (Score 0, Flamebait) 856

That's the purpose. So Mr. car driver, you're afraid of my bike-frame-mounted piece of laser awesomeness? Then GET SOME DISTANCE OFF ME.
Or in other words, if you're blind enough to ignore me on the road, I'll make sure you stay blind for good. Besides the lane projected in the image is red, and everyone knows in the animal world red means "don't mess with me".

Submission + - CERN outsorces public outreach to you ( 1

CosmicRabbit writes: CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory, is opening the door to independent artsy geeks dreaming about witnessing the kickstart of the LHC. I guess talent to produce a small multimedia feature is a plus. In the end, they promise to make your work known (if it's worth it) and if you win their contest you can get either a paid internship at CERN, a cash prize or an Adobe Production Suite package. Plus everyone will know how cool your video skills really are, since the best submissions will be spread around for educational purposes by CERN, with credit given to the author.
I guess they're expecting something like the LHC Rap to emerge.

Comment Not mandatory anymore (Score 5, Informative) 63

Due to all the international pressure and bad publicity gathered from the original move to mandate the installation of Green Dam on every computer, China backpedaled from the decision.
So it seems weird to me that this kind of protests are being organized. It would make a lot more sense to educate people about how to uninstall the dam(n) software out of their machines, or why people should not willingly accept to install it under the usual "think of the children" argument.
Having said that, it's a free country, and he can protest whatever he wants... Wait, no... I'll be back to you on that one.
The Media

Submission + - Iran and Destabilization 2.0 (

An anonymous reader writes: On June 13th, 30000 "tweets" begin to flood Twitter with live updates from Iran, most written in English and provided by a handful of newly-registered users with identical profile photos. The Jerusalem Post writes a story about the Iran Twitter phenomenon a few hours after it starts (and who says Mossad isn't staying up to date with new media?). Now, YouTube is providing a "Breaking News" link at the top of every page linking to the latest footage of the Iranian protests (all shot in high def, no less). Welcome to Destabilization 2.0, the latest version of a program that the western powers have been running for decades in order to overthrow foreign, democratically elected governments that don't yield to the whims of western governments and multinational corporations.

Submission + - Wikipedia to add video ( 1

viyh writes: "Wikipedia will soon be adding a video option, within two or three months, according to the MIT Technology Review.

"Within two to three months, a person editing a Wikipedia article will find a new button labeled "Add Media." Clicking it will bring up an interface allowing her to search for video--initially from three repositories containing copyright-free material--and drag chosen portions into the article, without having to install any video-editing software or do any conversions herself. The results will appear as a clickable video clip embedded within the article."

They will be requiring all video to use open-source formats. This is in hopes of getting content providers to open up their material to gain wider exposure on the Wikipedia website. There is also an in-browser editor that removes a lot of the headache often associated with any kind of video editing.

"Presently, the work flow is pretty atrocious" for people trying to download, convert, and edit video, says Dale, citing the notoriously confusing array of incompatible video formats now in use. With the new Wikipedia system, "people will be able to easily inject media into pages, in a way that wasn't possible before," says Michael Dale, a software engineer from Kaltura, the company assisting with development of the tools."

Comment Can we send rovers there please? (Score 4, Interesting) 102

So knowing how on Earth water and life are so intrinsically associated, this seems like the perfect spot to send a future rover mission. In the past we got some inconclusive results from biochemical analysis of the soil in more arid zones of the red planet. Perhaps on this spot we can be more lucky?
Also, the proof of early existence of liquid water on the planet also hints at a denser atmosphere and warmer temperatures on those times. This is very promising!

Submission + - SPAM: Google Voice grabs 1 million phone numbers

alphadogg writes: Google has reserved 1 million phone numbers with Level 3, signaling that it may finally be ready to roll out its long-anticipated Google Voice service. The free service, announced in March, lets users unify their phone numbers, allowing them to have a single number through Google Voice that rings a call through to all their phones. Sources could not say when the 1 million numbers may be assigned. Level 3 has been supplying Google with phone numbers since the introduction of Google Voice, so the 1 million numbers are an indication Google is close to adding a significant amount of users. A public launch has been anticipated since Google said in March the service would be "open to new users soon." "I've only been using Google Voice for a few months, but it's completely changed the way I use voicemail and communicate, just in general," said Kevin Dando, director of digital and education communications for PBS. "When it goes public, I think the rush to grab Google Voice numbers is going to be stunning. I know some of my friends check the Google Voice page almost every day to see when they can grab a number and get started using it."
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