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Submission + - Dozens of Sharks washing up dead in CALIFORNIA (

Cosmic Lotus writes: According to reports, dozens of leopard sharks have either washed ashore dead since April, or have been found so badly injured and in pain that the creatures were literally pounding their heads into the sand in what some locals said appeared to be suicide attempts.
Catherine Greer, a resident of Redwood City, was one of the first people to notice some of the dead sharks. She and her 13-year-old son allegedly tried to help push some of the beached, alive sharks back into the water, but "they'd swim right back, thrashing their heads against the shore ... as if they were trying to commit suicide," she said.
Initial tests conducted on water samples taken from the Redwood Shores lagoon, one of the areas where sharks were found, revealed nothing out of the ordinary. But Redwood City spokesman Malcolm Smith said the city is paying for additional tests.

Others say the deaths may have been caused by environmental pollution from agricultural runoff, or even from Fukushima radiation.


Submission + - Study suggest water on distant planet (

Cosmic Lotus writes: Planet Gliese 581d is at the colder outer edge of the so-called just-right "Goldilocks zone" around its red dwarf star in which liquid water can be sustained.
Planet 581d, with a mass about six times that of Earth and twice its size, was initially thought to be too cold to have liquid water.
"This discovery is important because it's the first time climate modellers have proved that the planet is potentially habitable," institute researcher Robin Wordsworth said.

"The Gliese system is particularly exciting to us as it's very close to Earth, relatively speaking," he added. "So with future generations of telescopes, we'll be able to search for life on Gliese 581d directly."

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