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Submission + - Nokia N900 vs. Nexus One - Which is 'better'?

Cosgrach writes: I'm trying to decide which of the two mobiles would be the better one for me. I've looked at both of their web sites, downloaded the respective user manuals and find that in terms of features, they are quite similar. It's only when you get down to the details where differences show up.

The Nokia is thicker (and heavier) due to the sliding keyboard, the Nexus One looks a bit sexier.
They both sport a 800 x 480 (3.7") screen.
As far as software, they seem to be packaged with much the same stuff.
The OS is different between the two, but I don't think that it's enough of a difference to flip my mind one way or another.
The Nokia app store is available for browsing from any machine, but the Google app store seems to require a android handset to view all applications. (This bit really sucks!)
The Nokia has 32GB standard, the Nexus One only has 4GB.
I think that the Nokia also has a better lens system on the camera.

Is there some sort of 'deal buster' that I am unaware of with either phone? What say you all?

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