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Comment Re:Hypocrasy (Score 1) 237

Yet we are all supposed to believe that they are the sole responsible country on the earth.

Yes, we are the sole-responsible nation on Earth, if you don't like it, your free to move here. All the responsible people already have, aside from yourself apparently.

Comment Re:It's not "trade" (Score 1) 973

Solution: Everyone STFU and socialize the media like everything else. Average out all the starving artists, pop stars and everything in between, pay taxes at the average consumption annually and split it amongst them. Then we create jobs, feed the hungry and support Obama. It would at least beat this notion that we can raise our GDP by hiring a bunch of ditch diggers nationwide to keep idle hands less than idle while repaving the same roads every year as it might actually create something exportable to raise the GDP.

Comment Open Source Private Cloud Computing (Score 1) 151

I've been looking around for some to help with a private cloud computing platform I've been working on for the past 2 years ever since EMC/VMWare/Cisco's announcement late last fall about beginning a collaboration in the field. The project uses an artificial neural network to adapt nodes to specific roles based on server load (routing/ip-tunneling, database, webserver, processing-grid, etc) and has a currently-not-embedded web-based GUI for the interface. You can find the projects below if interested: The private cloud computing platform itself - designed on FreeBSD but should be POSIX compliant (with Crypto++ installed for the custom network protocol and some QT-based stuff I'll probably roll my own for eventually to drop the QT dependencies). The web GUI - heavy on HTML/CSS/JavaScript (very heavy on JavaScript) - using PHP/MySQL as a prototyping scaffold.

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