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Comment YOU FOOLS!!! (Score 4, Funny) 710

The trolls were bottled up in there fighting other trolls, now those trolls have no where to live, they'll be looking for new boards to cause havoc on, we are all doomed, doomed I tell you!

Comment warp drive (Score 2) 633

cheap effective faster then light travel would really solve a lot of the problems that exist on this planet. By expanding out from this planet rapidly we would take pressure off the environment, and we wouldn't have to live in such tight quarters, the way we look at money and value would change too, all in all it needs to happen soon ( like 20-50 generations or so. Or we could be in serious trouble as a species.

Comment I think my cat is rather smart, (Score 1) 716

She has clearly exhibited the following behaviors 1. she will bring me her mouse to get me to throw it for her. if i make a bad throw (it ricochets off a wall and bounces near her, or throw it into a box) she will get it and bring it to my wife 2. She mimics the sounds smaller prey animals make when she knows their near by and shes in hiding. You've never seen the look of shock on a birds face when it thinks one of its fellows is calling for help and finds a cat there. 3. my cat will 'sit' and 'come' on command, we just had to learn that she was very food driven, and how to reward her in a way she would find valuable. 4. my cat wont let my wife and I fight, if we are arguing she will get in between both of us and meow and paw us till we calm down. Just as a test my wife took a swing at me. She had 12lbs of cat attached to her arm, biting but not hard enough to pierce skin. the cat knew what was happening and showed enough awareness to try to stop the fight.

Comment you know what would be nice? (Score 1) 433

I would like a law that stated if someone is operating a recording device to capture your image, you have the right to do the same. Personally I would love to see how the movie execs and police reacted to that. I think if that was law you would see a lot less recording devices, and a lot more people thinking before they act.

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