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Comment Re:Toba volcano ? Nuclear winter ? (Score 1) 356

Interestingly, the story Noah is not the only recording of a flood during that time period. In fact almost every ancient society stretching from Africa to the middle-east, to India and down around into Malasia has a mythology of a great flood and all of these mythologies date back to a similar time period.

Some scientists figured this couldn't be accidental and used the geography as a clue for a search. What they found was what appears to be a fairly sizeable impact crater off the coast of Madagascar dating back to roughly the same time period. In theory this would have cause a tidal wave hitting all of those geographical regions.

Comment Curious (Score 1) 297

I wonder how much TV companies factor DVD sales (a fairly new revenue stream for them) in judging the success of a given show. Given my schedule I rarely have the opportunity to sit down and watch a television series. That being said, if I see a show that might peak my interest I will tend to check it out on Hulu or some other means and if I like it, Ill buy the seasonal DVD's to watch at my leisure.

With good, intelligent series like Kings, Jericho, etc. being cancelled over mindless "successes" like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars or the 57th season of Survivor, I have to wonder if too much favorability is given to the instant gratification of a neilsen rating rather than the possibilities of success via alternative distribution methods.

HBO/Showtime seems to have largely figured this out and were among the cutting edge of delivering quality shows on a DVD format, not just mindless, pop culture schlock that seems to infest advertised TV.

Comment Re:more likely to die! (Score 1) 383

This is not exactly a new idea.

Generally it is understood that body fat is a bank for the body to help it through lean times. While in modern society there really isn't any such thing as a "lean time" unless you happen to be broke or lost in the woods, what is assumed is that having a moderate supply of fat stored will still help people through times of illness.

If you are sick and cant eat as much or as well during the period of illness, and you happen to be "overweight" your body has excess calories which it can feed on. This increases a person's survival ability. Thus a person with a bit of fat has some built in protection vs. someone with no fat... Well their bodies pretty much have to start feeding on muscle and organs as soon as they miss their first meal.

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