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Comment Re:Malaysian government has already backed off (Score 1) 113

Good. I hope the Internet will always remain free and uncensored, but there are powerful interests out there that wants to censor it to remain in control of the information flow. They are going to say that its for the best interest of the people that the Internet needs to be regulated. That there is no way for regular people to know what information is trustworthy and which is not. Instead, they want to be the ones telling people what information to trust. I hope we never, ever, get there but there is a big risk we will. Corporations dont want anonymity on the web for example, its no good for them.

Comment The Nature of the Internet (Score 1) 881

Trying to get payed for a internet site is like selling sand in the Sahara desert. Robert Murdoch would love a internet that works the same way as television, where he can buy large parts of the entire business and control the kind of news that makes it to the public. Unfortunately for him, the internet is not controlled by a few large corporations. The best content comes from small, brilliant sites that become popular because they give people what they want. People dont really want Fox News, and Murdock will find this out the hard way once he starts wanting money for it.

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