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Comment Re:team work (Score 1) 418

I can agree with L4D(2) and Steam in general. My friends live back home a few hours away and the easiest way to still keep up is for a few hours playing some L4D or similar for every now and then. We tore through L4D1, we did some online VS but enjoy the campaigns more. But when L4D2 came out there was enough different types of gameplay to keep us interested depending who was about that evening.

Comment Re:we have the same policy at work (Score 1) 446

I updated my Samsung Galaxy S a few days ago to Froyo, 2.2. Along with it came an update to the email app that when i entered my work's Exchange details it said that for this to complete the Exchange server needed 'admin' access. If i go itno a new menu in my settings it shows any apps that have admin, currently only this email account can do it. Now, i'm unsure if the connection to Exchange will still work if you say that it cannot have Admin access, but it does give you fair warning. In 2.1 it didn't do this.

Comment Re:Pfff... (Score 1) 1213

I work in desktop support and the main reason we're not migrating yet is training for the support staff (like me).

I haven't used Vista/7 for longer than about 2 hours so far and i have noticed some rather large differences between XP and beyond. Control Panel and Network Settings come to mind. The security stuff (UAC?) was great but i would want to be trained or at least feel more comfortable using it before i had to support 250 other people.

I know it's a long running joke but users are not particularly computer literate, even in this modern world we live.

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