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Comment Re:Warms?! (Score 1) 469

News Flash to you!! It costs more to rebuild today (which is my point). Just thought you might have missed that point being you are from Ala.

When next one hits maybe the citizens of day Ohio says OK enough rebuilding this backward redneck haven, I want my money to do somewhere else they aren't worth it.

Comment Re:Warms?! (Score 5, Insightful) 469

Aww yes, nothing is happening and we can't do anything about it if it was happening. Same old bullshit story (or non story).
Maybe you think weather patterns are not leading indicators of climate change, but they are the canary in the coal mine as harbingers of what's to come.
Second point-no need to do anything about emissions cause the economy is just too damn scary. Here's a newsflash that you might not have completely thought through-when is it going to become too expensive to rebuild the communities that get hit by tornadoes, hurricanes, extreme snowfall, etc? Think about it, billions to rebuild entire towns/cities in this economy. Soon we will decide whether if your home is worthwhile to rebuild or just creat a greenspace.

P.S. I live in New Orleans and know of the expense and toil of what I speak.

Comment Was Already Touched (F**KED)By Katrina (Score 1) 147

Not even worried about good ole Irene. After the flogging we got from Katy, we don't need more hurricanes for at least 100 yrs. Hell, we are having a anniversary this weekend of 6 years and STILL it looks like she just passed by.

Sorry for NYC.....nah not really. They already got all the money from whats that thing.......oh, yeah 9/11.

Comment Re:old machinery (Score 1) 234

There is nothing comical about it. We were at the mercy of the Army Corps of engineers piss poor planning, arrogant behavior, misuse of funds, etc. As citizens of the USA we expect the same level of care as any other. We did not ask for anything more than what was owed to us. Now we have stronger levees, closed MRGO, better pumping stations. This did not come from the goodness of the govt's heart, we had to lobby for it. Also, for the most part the Louisians rebuilt their homes WITHOUT help from the govt, and especially the insurance companies who after collecting premiums for many years declared it was the not their responsibility to pay. We had to sue them to receive our rights. It's bad enough to victimized by a tragic event, but to continue to be victimized on a daily basis by insurance companies, the media, the local and federal government is beyond the pale. I hope you can understand my bitterness.

I am over 55 years of age and also have lived in many places across this United States. Apart from NOLA most-(and I said most) are all cookie cutter suburbia where there isn't a scintilla of culture of difference. I do not drink, and actually hate Bourbon St. Our culture is so much richer than esoteric examples of stumbling drunk and boob showing. We have our own food, music, and ways of life that in a day to day struggle it just makes it better to live with the hard times we are experiencing today.

Comment Re:old machinery (Score 1) 234

Your ancestry is from LA, but you are not so please shut up about things you know nothing about. Please go to and educate yourself on the issue. Also check out Harry Shearer's movie. We also do NOT live below sea level, only about 25% of the NOLA area is. That statement alone outs you as ignorant of the facts sir.

As I said before, you need not live in a area such as southeast LA to enjoy natural disasters. How many times has Cali caught fire, had mudslides, etc. I don't hear you whining about them. All the levees in the upper Mississippi are subject to flooding, and have over the last 3 years. Is it the residents fault there also?

We had ONE natural disaster like Katrina in over a 100 years, yet we bear the brunt of falsehoods, negative press and out right lies and GOD Damn it I tired of it. If you don't like the way or where we live tough shit sunshine. Please don't come here then and I won't darken whatever shithole you live in.

Comment Re:old machinery (Score 1) 234

You sir know absolutely nothing of our city and our rebuilding. Before you present yourself as an idiot before the world, please oh, please take the time to educate yourself about our fair city. You obviously have the internet, so use it.

I am so sick of ignorant assholes who have never set foot into New Orleans pontificate from their elevated stools about how we-(the citizens) live and work. Our culture is like no other in America, and here is a clue: We DON'T want to be like the rest of you!!! We don't want malls and Chuck E Cheese's. We created Jazz, and harboured writers, artists, playwrights and great musicians. It is a living , breathing, ecology that has been living for over 300 years. So fuck you. Remember, people in Iowa and Nashville have floods too, and ya know what, I have an embittered attitude toward them because of comments like yours. I say to myself: "Fuck them!! They are the ones to told us not to live here. Ha Ha!!"

When Americans of all stripes start to have RESPECT for each other we will become a better nation. Until then if you live in another part of America, and have a natural disaster and want help, "Tough Shit" for you from us in St Bernard Parish.

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