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Comment Re:But.. that's exactly what they SAID it does. (Score 1) 227

No you don't pay for Binge On, but I bet that T-Mobile gets a kickback from HBO, Netflix, Hulu for those better speeds. And this is exactly what a violation of net neutrality is. Now the "little guy" who wants to have a streaming service gets kicked to the bottom rung because they didn't pay for premium delivery by T-Mobile.

Comment Re:Zimbra? (Score 2) 224

-The new Zimbra 8 integrates with cisco phones and now syncs accounts with active directory. -Forums are outstanding. I usually find my answer there. I have had to only contact support a couple times a year. -They have an opensource "free" version. Doesn't include mobile sync, backup services or Outlook sync support. But a lot of that can be done with 3rd part sync applications which have been extensively tested and used by the community.

Comment Re:That is insane! (Score 3, Insightful) 601

Your company could implement a centralized application to store and manage these documents, basecamp, sharepoint, etc. If you just send them via email, the customer/vendor doesn't have a easy central location to search and retrieve information. What if someone leaves one of the companies? Then you have to resend the emails, or their IT dept needs to consolidate email accounts and access. This way, the new employee gets a login and automatically gets all the invoices and documents. Notifications can be automatically sent via, IM, text, snail mail, or even automated phone calls. It won't be easy to get rid of email, but its definitely possible.

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