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Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 514

Lol According to CNN Watching TV as POTUS in your bathrobe ... worthy of impeachment.
                                                                          Using a Samsung phone not provided by NSA ...worthy of impeachment
                                                                          Posting to POTUS twitter account that your daughter is great ...worthy of impeachment
                                                                          Letting your Adult children run your business ... worthy of impeachment
                                                                          Having an unusual hairstyle ... Weird and worthy of impeachment

Comment Sigh (Score 1) 503

I received Windows 10 updates on my laptop again yesterday. Took me 48 minutes to get my machine back. Booted into Blank screen that would not display anything. The cursor was gone. I finally figured out it was defaulting to a page off screen somewhere. Had to google for a fix on another computer.

Comment Denial of the problem is the first stage (Score 1) 114

There is a problem in my opinion and denial won't get it fixed. Sure you need to renegotiate keys with a new device but it should not happen automagically without your knowledge. You should have to do it manually and it should not be done for you based on an assumption and all your messages be resent with the new keys.

Comment Meh (Score 2) 376

So I'm still getting used to this but so far... Turned off all the tiles and Cortana and do dads and gegaws so its much like the old Win & that I upgraded. Can't see what all the fuss is about. It seemed a little snappier until it overheated this old thinkpad several times. I had to crank back the CPU usage to 70% and now just as slow as Windows 7 was. Meh why bother.

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