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Journal Journal: Support a Euro-section in slashdot! 17

The issue of having a European section in slashdot was recently raised in a discussion about the European IP-laws (the "Euro-DMCA").

As about a quarter of all Slashdotians are Europeans, this is warranted.

Borrowing Rams+ein's words (at his suggestion):

Slashdot has done a good job of reporting and fostering discussion on political issues in the USA. However, much of the badness that happens in the States, because of flawed laws and a flawed legal system is threatening to happen in Europe as well, as a result of introducing similar laws, without people being adequately aware that this is happening. Many slashdot readers know about the DMCA and its pitfalls, but awareness of the EUCD is much lower, even among European readers. Any discussions concerning the Rest of the World tend to be overshadowed by discussions about the USA.

The source of the problem appears to be the US-centric nature of slashdot. To salvage this, europeans could turn to their own sources for news and discussions concerning them, but I do not believe this is the Right Thing. It separates the communities, which favors alienation over mutual understanding, and makes both sides miss out on insightful and interesting comments made on the other side. Instead, I advocate that slashdot add sections for different parts of the world, so that readers from each part can get news concerning them, while still participating in global discussions and having the option to join discussions concerning those in other parts of the world.

So, support the idea! Sign this petition by replying, and put a link in your sig.

Suggestions are of course welcome.

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