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Comment Re:Assumption (Score 2) 105

iOS devices are not x86 based - they're ARM - so no "basic x86 code" will run on them at all.

The only place that iOS runs on x86 is in the simulator on OS X and such x86 code is not included in builds for iOS devices.

64-bit ARM is different from 32-bit ARM, and not even remotely like "extended 32-bit x86".

Comment Re:Clarification: Plus 8% US tax vs including 20% (Score 1) 172

Historically, over about the past decade up until the pound took a bath following the Brexit vote, Apple have charged very close to the same amount for their products in the UK as in the USA, once one takes VAT into account. The difference for most products has usually been within a few percentage points. Admittedly for some products the difference has been larger, but for their more expensive items the prices have tended to be close.

Occasionally currency fluctuations have meant that some Apple products have been cheaper in the UK than the USA (once VAT is considered) - that was the case when I bought my MacBook Pro a few years ago.

Apple tends to only very rarely adjust their pricing and will generally ride out currency fluctuations, preferring instead to maintain consistent pricing for their products. The adjustments they have made to GBP pricing were done many months after the pound had devalued. Typically their adjustments are done on much longer timescales (years) but as the pound dropped off a cliff it's not surprising they've made these adjustments faster.

In this particular case, this is an automatic re-pricing of apps so that developers around the world won't be taking a bath on product sales to the UK. Those developers can choose to re-price their product at a newly introduced lower price band to let said products continue to be priced at 79p in the UK should they choose to do so.

Comment Re:UK costs will numerically match those of the US (Score 1) 84

No - there is no change in where the burden of taxation/VAT lies. Apple have always incorporated sales tax into app store prices.

This is a correction owing to currency devaluations.

The UK Pound is now worth about 25% less than it was six months ago when compared to the US Dollar, therefore they've corrected the GBP prices of apps to reflect the current exchange rate.

Comment Re:Credit card payment systems (Score 1) 771

The card payment systems from Square et al that plug into the headphone socket are all obsolete. They're magnetic strip readers, and payments based off the mag-stripe are going the way of the dodo. Over in the US you guys are a bit behind the curve - mag-stripe payments have been dead in Europe for a good few years now, so none of the mag-stripe based payment solutions launched here. Many of the more forward looking payment processors like Square tackled this issue some time back with readers that would support chip and pin, some do contactless too.

Comment Re:I don't (Score 1) 507

A movie theatre's "2K" projector is approximately the same resolution as a "4K" TV, as they both create a picture that's very roughly 4000 pixels wide.

Your point tho is entirely correct - humans aren't equipped with eyes to tell the difference between a 1080 and 2160 (4K) picture from across a room.

Comment Re:England isn't Europe. (Score 2) 704


England is part of the UK, and the UK remains a member of the European Union.

EU laws apply.

As for Julian Assange, he's holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy, which is Ecuadorian sovereign territory, so technically whilst he remains inside there he's not on UK (or EU) soil. As he's technically in Ecuador which doesn't have an extradition treaty, he's safe there.

Comment Cheaply? (Score 1) 169

I find the notion that there's "pressure to farm it out cheaply and easily to freelancers" to be ludicrous.

I'm a software developer contractor in the UK. This is a relatively new thing for me - in my 20+ year career I've only been a contractor the past two. The last couple of years have been by far the most lucrative of my career. In every gig I've had I've been paid more than twice as much as the most senior permanent developer.

Comment Re:Better keyboard?! What. (Score 1) 435

Very true. This is a terminal emulator issue. Plus, as it stands, the has preferences that let you define exactly how all the function keys get interpreted.

In my Terminal the configured behaviour of PgDn is to send the key sequence \033[6~ which for all the terminal apps I'm using gets interpreted correctly as a PgDn (e.g. 'less' will scroll down a page). The config for Shift+PgDn is "Scroll Page Down", which will scroll the window. There's a chance that sometime over the past decade I changed those settings, but I suspect they're the defaults.

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