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Comment I got to tour there once. (Score 2) 99

I find this article especially interesting, as I did a job shadow at Blue Origin last year as a part of my requirement to graduate High School. One of the Employees showed me around the test facilities and showed me the various systems in place to try to prevent this kind of failure from happening. It's unfortunate that this happened, but as the employee told me, most of this is chump change for Jeff Bezos, and Blue Origin is in all reality a pet-project of his. Cool fact though, the Blue Origin Building in Kent, WA is home to an original Bell X-1 as well as the original model of the Starship Enterprise that was used in the episode where the Enterprise gets destroyed, I believe. All sorts of other cool things there too.

Comment It's better to play it safe. (Score 0) 106

I guess I would have to agree, if I saw my bank posting things everywhere on Facebook and Twitter about me being a member of theirs, I might be slightly annoyed, even though it's more like one of those "technologically-oblivious but still over-concerned" arguments that people like my parents use. Still I suppose it's better to be safe, because no doubt there's *someone* that would overreact. Oh yeah, and following laws and contracts is good too.

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