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Comment Re:What phones get vendor updates after three year (Score 1) 257

But still it feels like buying a Lexus and then the sales man wants 20$ more for some floor mats.

You've obviously never bought a Lexus, or any luxury car. EVERYTHING is an option on these cars.

They'll sell you a "storage" package for 250 bucks (aka the mesh pockets behind the seats). They'll sell you the mats for 150 bucks, etc. etc. No one pays close to MSRP on these cars, as once you get all the options the price increases by 20-30%. And if you don't get the options it really hurts your resale value.

Comment Re:Freedom (Score 1) 304

Then there'd be no incentive except professional pride for a server to make an effort to take care of me after they'd had a crappy experience with the last customer.

This is exactly what happened to me in while on vacation. In Italy the price that you pay for your food includes the wages of the waiter, tips are not expected. Also, it's actually quite hard to fire someone legally.

Because of the above almost every waiter we encountered was incredibly rude; they really didn't give a damn. And note that we're not obnoxious tourists, in fact our group was pretty diverse and had people originally from other parts of Europe and Latin America.

Comment Re:Insanely Great Experiences? (Score 1) 409

Seems to me your benchmarks are biased. The HTML5 page loaded instantly and gave me 10fps. The Flash page took about 10 seconds to load, then gave me 20fps. I think I'd much prefer the first experience (instant gratification) versus the second one. But it seems to me the second one is biased because it's prefetching and loading things into memory.

Comment Re:normal for Apple (Score 1) 383

I hate that people keep repeating this, it's utter bullshit. Sure they put on too much extra paste, but it really does not affect the temperature very much at all. I tried this with my brother's machine (reapplying the thermal paste thinly and evenly, using the "good" stuff), and the difference was negligible, 2-4 degrees in our case. I'm not the only one to have the same experience.

Comment No one agrees? (Score 1) 200

I know slashdot is big on the groupthink, and apple is evil yadda yaddah, but has anyone bothered to look up words and see the different treatment of them?

Now I'm not saying that words per se are bad things (they're not, although I personally prefer to keep them out of regular usage for impact), but I can see how this dictionary might include many more vulgar words and expressions than a regular dictionary. I can also see how a parent could object to their kids downloading a dictionary with such an extensive ouvre of modern vulgar slang.

Let's say you're a parent, and your 10 year old (yeah you spoiled them a bit by buying them an iPhone, whatever, they did their chores, got good grades and are working it off mowing the lawn) asks you if they can download a dictionary app. Would you not be a little concerned if the dictionary was so heavy on modern swearwords? Would you expect this from a "dictionary app"? Wouldn't you expect that the urban dictionary app have a bit of a warning that it might be really offensive, racist, etc.?

Sure they'll learn all these things in due time, but I don't think innocence is such a horrible thing that needs to be stomped out. Kids should allowed to be kids.

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