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Submission + - Windows App Store reduces developer share from 70% to 56.1% for some sales. (

ConfusedVorlon writes: The Windows App Store originally offered developers a 70% revenue share (like the iTunes store and Google Play).
They have now introduced the 'Commerce Expansion Adjustment' whereby some sales are made through methods such as carrier billing and the developer will only get 56.1%.

There is no option for developers to opt out of this type of sale; Microsoft suggests that 'You may want to consider if the Commerce Expansion Adjustment applies in a country/region where your app is available and factor that into your market pricing strategy'

As a veteran of the store pricing wars on Palm OS, I have seen how this plays out. Stores competed to sell through new partners, and offered increasingly large shares of revenue to those partners. Inevitably, that came out of the developer share.

I would be very happy for Microsoft to offer me an option to make additional sales at a lower revenue share — but I'm not happy at being forced to suck it up.

Submission + - Kickstarted Veronica Mars promised digital download. Pirate bay delivers. (

ConfusedVorlon writes: Backers were promised 'You will receive a digital version of the movie within a few days of the movie’s theatrical debut'.

Warner Bros are providing a non-downloadable ultra-violet coupon (although Veronica Mars is available for download through other stores).

The download is already available on the Pirate Bay. The download is even available on commercial stores. The users have already passed over their $35+
But rather than meet the demand for a DRM-free download, Warner Bros would prefer to return the original pledge to backers who complain (no doubt pissing them off even more).

What does this tell us about how movie studios view the world? There can't be a better indication of willingness to pay than 'they have already paid' — are these the pirates WB fears?

Submission + - Broadband company buys football rights. Attempts to duck 'dumb pipe' (

ConfusedVorlon writes: "BT has secured the rights to broadcast live Premier League games for the first time, securing the rights to 38 matches a season from 2013-14 to 2015-16.
Broadband providers really don't want to compete on the basis of providing fast internet at reasonable prices. They'll keep trying to charge content providers to send data, they'll keep trying to find new ways to charge customers, and now they may have hit on a way to compete by providing content that isn't available on other ISPs."


Submission + - IGDA warns against Amazon's app store (

ConfusedVorlon writes: "Amazon reserves the right to control the price of your games, as well as the right to pay you 'the greater of 70% of the purchase price or 20% of the List Price.'

The IGDA's bottom line is simple: under Amazon's current terms, Amazon has little incentive not to use a developer's content as a weapon with which to capture marketshare from competing app stores."


Submission + - EU about to vote on copyright extension (

ConfusedVorlon writes: "Christian Engström (Pirate MEP) writes : Monday or Tuesday this upcoming week there will be another round in the fight against prolonging the copyright protection term for recorded music in the EU. Now is an opportunity to contact MEPs, Members of the European Parliament, and persuade them to vote against the term extension."

Submission + - Passenger not guilty despite annoying the TSA (

ConfusedVorlon writes: A six-woman Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court jury has found Phil Mocek “NOT GUILTY” of all of the charges brought against him following his arrest in November 2009 at the TSA checkpoint at the Albuquerque airport.

Annoying the TSA is not a crime. Photography is not a crime. You have the right to fly without ID, and to photograph, film, and record what happens. Your best defense is your own camera and microphone. Ordinary jurors know, and are prepared to recognize with their verdict, that the TSA and police lie about what they are doing and why.

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - What rating for the Web?

ConfusedVorlon writes: "My app Fast Web which is currently live in the iTunes store with a rating of 4+ just got an update rejected.

Fast Web is just a web browser, it presents any page on the internet, but uses Google to optimise the page so that it downloads more quickly.

Unhelpfully, Apple told me that they can't approve the current rating, but don't say what rating might be appropriate.

the categories are:

Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
Realistic Violence
Sexual Content or Nudity
Profanity or Crude Humor
Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Mature/Suggestive Themes
Simulated Gambling
Horror/Fear Themes
Prolonged graphic or sadistic realistic violence
Graphic sexual content and nudity

Each has to be rated as "None", "Infrequent/Mild" or "Frequent/Intense"

However if the web contains even infrequent/mild 'graphic sexual content and nudity' then Apple won't allow the app at all.

I can conclude from the fact that Mobile Safari _is_ available that the web must be free of 'graphic sexual content and nudity'.

By the same logic, I can conclude that the web must be free of 'Prolonged graphic or sadistic realistic violence'.

Regarding such elements as 'Profanity or Crude Humor' and 'Sexual content and nudity', how would Slashdot rate the web? None? Infrequent/Mild? Frequent/Intense?"

Submission + - Correction: uk can't hold people for 42 days! (

ConfusedVorlon writes: "re 'UK Can Now Hold People Without Charge For 42 Days'

-this is not true. The house of commons has passed a bill which would allow this, however it would have to be ratified by the lords to become law.

The lords is very unlikely to ratify the bill and the house of commons will not be able to force it past the
lords for a year.

Please post an update. This is a terrible day for UK rights, but the story you post is not true."


Submission + - Id theft leads to job loss and prosecution (

ConfusedVorlon writes: "Here is one for the 'Done nothing wrong, nothing to fear' brigade. The BBC reports: Simon Bunce had his credit card details stolen. They were used at a child porn website that was part of Operation Ore which resulted in him being prosecuted in the UK. He has now proven his innocence, but he still lost his job and it took him six months to find another at a quarter of the salary. Pedophiles and terrorists are used to justify many extensions of legal powers. Here, the power to seize all of a man's computers and drives before anything was proven cost him dear."

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