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Comment Re:so you lot are promoting ip theft now ? (Score 1) 359

> Small children can detect the difference between these two scenarios; but to some people they are equivalent. I have no clue why that that is.

It is because they are lawyers and politicians. They are impervious to logic or reality.

Everyone else, once they think a bit about it, can see that "intellectual property" is an oxymoron.

Comment Re:byoo, hyoo (Score 1) 137

Exactly, patents are government granted monopolies by definition and by design.

Honeywell is using them precisely the way they are meant to and the way they have always been used through history, from the steam engines to Apple.

Yes, patents are supposed to encourage innovation, but by creating monopolies they archive precisely the opposite.

He should be complaining about how stupid and counterproductive the so call intellectual property system is, not about some other company that is not Apple doing what Apple and almost everyone else has been doing all along.

So much hypocrisy.

Comment Re:Well, okay... (Score 1) 75

> They even petitioned the government to provide monoplistic protection.

That is *precisely* what a patent is: a government granted and enforced monopoly.

Boggles the mind how anyone thinks patents are a good way to encourage innovation, monopolies hate innovation. And patents have a very long track record of being used to keep whole industries from making any progress, from the steam engine to aircrafts.

Comment Developers that bought into Silverlight (Score 1) 358

Should have studied history a bit more closely, if you build your business (or career) on proprietary technology controlled by somebody else you will get screwed sooner or later.

Microsoft has dumped their developers overboard many times before, and will continue to do it as long as it is convenient. At least in this case they are replacing things with relatively open standards that they can't so easily kill later on.

Flash developers are starting to learn this the hard way too, apple developers will be next.

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